Turning Point Hustler 21431511 Aluminum Boat Propeller

Turning Point Hustler  Propellers
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Propeller Specifications:

  • Part(s): #21431511
  • Manufacturer: Turning Point
  • Brand:Hustler
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Diameter: 13 - 3/4
  • Pitch: 15
  • Blades: 3
  • Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
  • Average Hustler Rating:
  • Usually Ships Within: 1 Business Day

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About Turning Point Boat Propellers

Hustler Aluminum Boat Propellers

Stainless Steel Performance at Aluminum Prices
Stainless steel blade geometry used in aluminum propellers results in superior performance. Higher efficiency equals better fuel economy, better top end, faster hole shot, and excellent cornering and handling.

Tuned Vents for Fast Hole Shot
Vent holes in the propeller's barrel allow exhaust gases to escape, reducing water density around the propeller's blades during acceleration. This causes the propeller to rotate faster at slower speeds resulting in more horsepower. More horsepower at lower speeds means faster acceleration and a faster hole shot. Turning Point is the only manufacturer offering this race proven feature in our Hustler aluminum propellers on most models (selected models only 13" & 14" diameter 17+ Pitch).

Squeeze Cast for Added Strength
Turning Point's squeeze cast process generates the highest mechanical properties attainable in a cast product, resulting in tighter grain structures. Competitors use old Die Cast processes that results in a high blade flex and poor performance.

Squeeze Cast Aluminum Propellers

Performance Tuned Rake Angles
Higher rake angles tighten the vortex produced by the propellers, adding to boat lift and overall performance.

Improve Handling and Boat Lift
Through aggressive rake and cupping.

High Flow-Through Barrel Exhaust System
Maximizing exhaust flow increases horsepower and top end speed.

Tuned Progressive Pitch Angles
Accelerating and channeling water to minimize slip increases performance and fuel economy.

Long Lasting Powder Coated Finish
Turning Point's 5 step process creates a uniform, durable, high quality, and attractive finish that protects the aluminum from corrosion.

Turning Point Hub System

Lifetime Warranty Hub Kits
Turning Point utilizes high tech shock absorbing polymers and a solid brass spindle, the Turning Point hubs will not corrode or break like competing hubs, and are covered by an industry leading Lifetime Warranty. Each hub's one piece design ensures simple housing replacement, making a prop change quick and easy.

Eliminate Hub System Vibration and Chatter
Innovative one piece design reduces the number of parts and eliminates failures commonly seen in multi-part hub systems.

Eliminate Hub Cracking and Failure
The glass reinforced high-tech polymer construction increases flexibility, eliminating potential material stress fractures.

Corrosion Resistant Materials
Premium corrosion resistant brass splines.

Reduce Gear Shock and Engine/Drive Damage
Shock absorbing high-tech polymer cushion.

Easy to Install
Clear and easy step-by-step directions coupled with minimal parts makes installation easy.

Interchanges with other Manufacturers' Propellers
The 500 series Turning Point hubs upgrade and replace Mercury Flo-Torq II, Michigan Wheel XHS, and Solas Rubex hub kit systems.

Reviews for Turning Point Hustler Propellers
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Propeller reviewed on Sep 18th, 2019
Boat gets out of the hole like never before, turning control is much better and runs the same top speed as it did with the 3 blade 17 pitch it replaced.
Propeller reviewed on May 29th, 2019
Noticable different, I do wish that the sales man would have told me my anode would also need to be changed to fit the new prop, it would have put me back on the water sooner.
Propeller reviewed on Apr 5th, 2019
Always satisfied with Hustler props. What made the difference is the top notch customer service that I got from iBoats! The prop arrived with some damage - it happens, not the fault of iBoats. A quick phone call and I had an easy return started. With in a few days I had the new piece in my hands. Super easy, great people. Great place to spend your hard earned money.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 2nd, 2018
I purchased the aluminum model to try the 4 blade performance verses the 3 blade. Very good results. the 4 blade has a very good hole shot and maintains the boats plane. Much better handling in turns as well. No cavitation at all and no decrease in RPM. Top end speed didn't change. I'll now go ahead and purchase the same prop in stainless. I have a 2018 Bass Tracker 175 pro team with 75 hp 4 stroke Mercury.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 22nd, 2018
I rated the prop with 4 stars, since I have not used it yet. The prop looks good, and the clutch kit was easy to install and it fit the boat well. However, you will need to buy an extended trim tab if you are placing it on an Alpha one drive. I have been waiting on the new trim tab and now have it installed and plan to try it out in a week or so. I will update at that time.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 13th, 2018
Good product - Easy to install - Simple instructions
Propeller reviewed on Jul 4th, 2018
best service ihave ever receved on an internet deal--receved the prop the next day without extra shipping
Propeller reviewed on May 21st, 2018
excellent service
Propeller reviewed on Dec 9th, 2017
The picture was show whit the HUB but hit is not come whit.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 12th, 2017
I'm very satisfied with the quality and price.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 7th, 2017
Item on backorder. Still waiting for delivery
Propeller reviewed on Oct 25th, 2017
Don't order anything from this company, i ordered a new prop, and it was the wrong one, when i tried to return it they said it was installed and repainted by me. they will not give a refund. see online for all the complaints for returns. i will never buy from this company again.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 24th, 2017
Great prop and hub Can’t beat the price and it runs great on my boat Thanks
Propeller reviewed on Oct 24th, 2017
The prop and hub are great Outboard runs perfect with it
Propeller reviewed on Oct 22nd, 2017
Went From a Mercury Blackmax 14x13 P prop as I wasn't getting into the max rpm range with my 24foot pontoon boat with a 90 HP mercury when weighted down with passengers. Now I'm maxing out my RPM range with both a light and heavy load also lost max speed, which was to be expected. I don't blame this on the prop so much, as I now know, I should have went with a 12 pitch prop for a better middle ground of speed and avoiding dogging the motor under load. This prop does rev up quite fast and tends to slip under acceleration, while trying to push my pontoon, I believe it will be good for pulling tubers and under a max load of passengers. (Under load with old prop rpm 5200 max now 6100) If I were to buy it again I would try a four blade prop in a 12 or 13 pitch. I lost 4 mph by going down in pitch.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 26th, 2017
Great Prop for the price.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 18th, 2017
I wish I could post a positive review. I bought an aluminum boat a couple of months back, and decided to replace the beat up 25 year old propeller on the 15HP Yamaha 2-stroke. Turning Point seemed like a good way to go. The first propeller lasted less than one gallon of gas before failing catastrophically. Without striking anything, one of the blades completely detached from the propeller. I was in 8 feet of water, moderate RPMs, and moderate speed. The part where the blade was connected to the body of the propeller is smooth and shiny, not rough and jagged. To my eye, that indicates that there was never a secure bond between the blade and the body of the propeller. I contacted Turning Point, as iboats.com's policies state that you cannot return a propeller that has been in the water. Turning Point sent me a new propeller right away. The new propeller also has issues. The round part of the outer hub has two significant bends in the rim, where it interfaces with the motor. It is obvious that this is supposed to be perfectly round, and it is even more obvious that it is not round. This should have been caught in quality control. Turning Point is 0 for 2 with me. The first prop failed while on the water, leaving me stranded on Labor Day. If am not giving the second prop the opportunity to fail, or damage my motor. Turning Point has been responsive, but I am rating the propeller, and not the customer support. Bad products deserve 1-star ratings, and the two propellers I was sent were definitely bad before they left the factory.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 4th, 2017
great prop
Propeller reviewed on Aug 14th, 2017
This prop is as advertised the best aluminum prop I have used.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 8th, 2017
I ordered the prop along with the hub. There is no way to order without the hub. So once you have the hub it's redundant to order ANY of the props from iboats.com as you can't uncheck the hub. Sad.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 25th, 2017
hi the prop looked great easy to install with the kit that came with it my fault with this prop is in the performance it is the same size and pitch as my old prop but my old prop would run circles around this one my boat takes longer to plain out and top speed is reduced as well as rpm's also i ve took it out 1 time and some of the paint has come off already but other then this it is ok. if i had a choice id want a refund on it but it is not worth the trouble fighting over it
Propeller reviewed on Jul 25th, 2017
It's thicker so it won't get tore up as quick. It planes out faster has more usable trim and I picked up 2 miles per hour. Best prop I've ever put on my boat 185 bowrider 4.3 v6
Propeller reviewed on Jul 24th, 2017
Strong prop
Propeller reviewed on Jul 17th, 2017
This prop performs very well Great boost on hileshot and added too end. But, and this is a big but, the advertised special powerder coating started to fail on the props first use. All along the leading edge small spots,which have grown, revealed bare aluminum. Now after about 15 hours of use, with no bumps into mud or sand, the leading edges of all 4 blades are mostly bare aluminum. I'm assuming a QC problem o. Their "special process"
Propeller reviewed on Jun 30th, 2017
Good looking prop and will work on boat. Easy installation, you have a great product.
Propeller reviewed on Jun 19th, 2017
installation was simple and easy. the fast turn around from the time i ordered to the time i received was excellent!
Propeller reviewed on Jun 15th, 2017
the new prop looks great, can't wait to try on my boat. Looking to get a better performance this summer. Installation looks easy. Thanks for great service.
Propeller reviewed on Jun 13th, 2017
Works as supposed to easy to install new hub. Easy instructions I will buy from I boats again
Propeller reviewed on Jun 5th, 2017
working great with the 500 hub kit, easy installation and easy read instructions.
Propeller reviewed on Jun 4th, 2017
What happened? It was supposed to be free shipping but it came up as $17.55 for shipping and handling after we made the purchase? Please explain....

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This propeller requires two pieces: a propeller housing and a hub designed to fit your engine. In order for this propeller to work correctly, both parts are needed.

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