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About Boat Propellers
General Purpose 3-Blade Aluminum Propeller

Inexpensive and easy to repair. Recommended for speeds less than 50 MPH and applications less than 250 HP. BII version available for Bravo Two Sterndrives. XT version has larger blade diameter for improved hole-shot and handling.

4-Blade Aluminum Propeller

Inexpensive and easy to repair. Improves acceleration and mid-range performance on many boats.

General-Purpose 3-Blade Stainless Steel Propeller

Enhanced performance over comparable aluminum propellers. Over five times more durable than an aluminum propeller.

3-Blade Stainless Propeller with high-rake design gives lots of bow lift

Compared to the Black Diamond and Silverado. Vented for positive acceleration. Great for lighter weight boats with lots of power.

3-Blade Stainless Performance Propeller with more blade area for large boats with big V-6 outboards and V-8 stern drives

Outstanding on MerCruiser Bravo One and TRS Stern drives. Good for sport/performance boats, cruisers, and offshore boats. BII version for Bravo Three Sterndrives.

3-Blade Stainless Steel Design

Ventilated for increased acceleration and unparalleled speed for large and heavy loads. Higher rake and bigger cup for better handling and lift. Large 14-5/8 diameter for high engine height installations.

4-Blade Stainless Steel Design

Delivers tough, durable performance. For V-6 outboard and 3.0L-5.7L Alpha sterndrive water ski, wakeboard & tubing boats. Provides better acceleration, aggressive holding and tremendous bow lift. For single or twin 135-175 hp outboard-powered 18-24 foot center-consoles.

Propeller Quick Search

Just start typing characteristics about your boat's engine. You can type in horsepower, model name, liters, year, etc.

Possible engine matches will be displayed below your search query. Keep typing to further narrow the list. Once you see the engine that most closely matches yours, select it using your mouse or the up/down arrow keys.

Select the pitch & rotation of propellers you wish to see, then click "Find Prop"

Where to Find Your Prop Pitch

Look on the outer hub of the prop near the blades or inside the hub.

Most props are stamped with a series of numbers.

Pitch is always the last number listed.

Example: 3 x 16 x 24.5R

3 - Number of Blades (occasionally displayed)

16 - Diameter

24.5 - Pitch

R - Direction of Rotation (R = Right/Standard, L = Left/Counter)

Pitch is stamped on the outer prop hub...   ...or
around the inner hub.
Prop Rotation

Props spin either clockwise (standard or right-hand rotation) or counter-clockwise (counter or left-hand rotation).

Most single engines use a standard rotation prop. Most twin engines use one of each.

To determine what prop rotation you have, look at your prop as if on a boat. Position a blade pointing straight up. If the right-hand side of the blade is closer to the boat than to you, it's a standard rotation prop.

Where to Find Your Propeller Part Number

Props are often stamped with both dimensions and a part number.

Look on the outer hub of the prop near the blades or inside the hub.

Numbers similar to 15 x 17 are the prop dimensions (diameter & pitch).

Those numbers are not your part number!

Part numbers resemble 031018, 48-11320A40, 2231-103-12, etc.

Look around the inner hub or on the blades.   15 1/2x17 is not the propeller part number!
About DuoProps

Volvo Penta DuoProps have a front and rear propeller that rotate back to back on the same drive. The front propeller is closest to the boat and hits the water first.

DuoProps have both a counter and standard rotation prop to eliminate steering torque. The front prop is always counter rotation. The rear prop is always standard rotation.

Volvo Penta DuoProps are each stamped with a size code (D2, F5, T9, etc) that is used to find a prop replacement. With this code you can replace either the front or rear pieces, or the complete DuoProp.

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