Turning Point Hustler hu1215ao Aluminum Boat Propeller

Turning Point Hustler Propellers
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Propeller Specifications:

  • Part(s): #hu1215ao
  • Manufacturer: Turning Point
  • Brand:Hustler
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Diameter: 12 - 1/4
  • Pitch: 15
  • Blades: 3
  • Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
  • Average Hustler Rating:
  • Usually Ships Within: Business Day

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About Turning Point Boat Propellers

Hustler Aluminum Boat Propellers

  • Newer performance enhancing designs mirror high performance propellers that provide maximum top end speed, secure handling (less ventilation), and quick acceleration.
  • Higher progression of pitch - improves hydrodynamic efficiency for maximum overall performance
  • Fine tuned cupping - grips the water tight and greatly reduces ventilation
  • High rake - provides good lift and maximizes top end speed
  • Vent holes - the ONLY aluminum propeller available with the hole shot enhancing vent hole system, previously only available in stainless steel propellers.

MasterGuard Hub System

  • The only interchangeable hub available with an engine/drive protecting rubber bushing.
  • This is a 2-piece prop. It will display in your cart as two separate items. Both pieces are needed for the prop to run on your boat. Do not remove the hub kit unless you already have the correct one from a previous prop.

Add a second propeller housing to your order now! Unfortunately, damage happens and when it does you'll be prepared! If you use your boat for water sports or loading the boat with extra people, get a second propeller of a lower pitch. It will make a big difference in how your boat handles the added weight and drag!

North American Fishing Club field-tested and approved.
Field testers from the NAFC tested our propellers and we received a 100% approval rating and a 9.7 out of 10 feature rating - one of the NAFC's all time highest ratings!

"I was very impressed with the torque I felt with the Turning Point prop. The increase in power and smoothness was very noticeable. Easy installation. Great in turns, a lot better than the stock prop."
- R. Hanson. Amery, WI


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Reviews for Turning Point Hustler Propellers
77% (274)
10% (38)
4% (15)
2% (8)
5% (18)
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Propeller reviewed on Apr 10th, 2021
We use dual motors and this was installed on the SR motor. Our first acceleration to full throttle totally overrevved this motor. The other motor has the same diameter and pitch by another manufacture and was doing all the work. Very disappointed at throwing $130 away. No Return.
Propeller reviewed on Apr 2nd, 2021
Once I figured out the hub, the prop installation was fine. I'm still waiting to try it out though. The weather has still been cold in East Central Indiana. This morning we had a near record cold for April 2nd. There was frost this morning on the ground. The 5 day outlook though is above normal. Won't be going out for a while, I'm two weeks out from shoulder surgery but looking forward to trying it out.
Propeller reviewed on Feb 9th, 2021
Ordered a new prop from a local store and it was wrong!! Went to I boats and ordered the correct prop, got it in 2 days perfect fit great price!
Propeller reviewed on Dec 20th, 2020
This prop gave my Carolina Skiff DLX plenty of stern lift and faster hole shot. This is what I was looking for.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 30th, 2020
prop camp with necessary hardware to install. works well on boat.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 26th, 2020
Fast delivery and exact fit with easy installation. Problem solved with a new prop for less than the old one could have been repaired
Propeller reviewed on Oct 11th, 2020
Had to do a little grinding on the trim tab because the angle of the blades were to steep. The service and the shipping was great!
Propeller reviewed on Oct 6th, 2020
Fit fantastic
Propeller reviewed on Oct 5th, 2020
Ordered as a replacement prop for original aluminum prop that was damaged on my pontoon and while waiting on back ordered stainless prop that I have also ordered, liking this 4 blade Hustler so much I may cancel back ordered stainless prop.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 21st, 2020
This is a back up prop as I had to get one right away for a trip, so I will keep this until needed. But it looks great!
Propeller reviewed on Sep 1st, 2020
pops up and gets on plane fast you can almost see the drain plug when you gun down on it
Propeller reviewed on Aug 31st, 2020
Good product
Propeller reviewed on Aug 28th, 2020
Better hole shot and picked up 6mph on top end. Running this on a Tracker 190 TX with a Merc 90 HP 2 stroke. Older package did not want to spend the money on SS prop, Glad I tried this option.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 26th, 2020
This prop works great. Fast shipping.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 20th, 2020
Hub very easy to install and remove. Fit motor perfectly.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 20th, 2020
Prop works excellent. I always wanted to try a 4 blade prop but always a bit concerned about too much traction getting it out of the hole. The Performance Venting System was the ticket for my purchase decision. Nice prop and good quality. I would purchase another.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 10th, 2020
After read up on 3 vs 4 blades I went with a 4 blade. The hope was to get a better hole shot and get to plane faster. Not so worried about top speed and more about control and not dropping RPM in tight turns. This prop did really good in both. Think next time I will go with a 17 pitch, just to see if I can get a little more top speed out of my old boat.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 6th, 2020
Wasn't 100% sure when I ordered but the 4 blade 19 pitch works very well for our use. OEM was a 3 blade 21 and we were on the fence about making a change. Boat is running at 6k feet where it was originally used in Kansas. The old hub gave out and forced a decision. This was a good one. I might try a 3 blade 19 next season for trolling. This one is to fast w/o adding a lot of drag but I can run to almost 5k on my 90 hp Force on a Capri 1700 LS and get over 30mph. For running around and tubing this is more than enough.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 28th, 2020
Awesome choice going with prop - it provides awesome performance that's noticeable! Getting on plane is quick and effortless, going wide open throttle nets minimal loss in speed compared to previous prop. This improved in every way possible from what I started with, so I'm very pleased with this prop!
Propeller reviewed on Jul 28th, 2020
proforms as expected
Propeller reviewed on Jul 27th, 2020
I tried to go up to a 17 pitch prop. Big mistake. Purchased this 13 pitch which is what my motor was designed for. Very pleased.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 25th, 2020
The prop was what i expected and delivery was prompt.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 23rd, 2020
Thought I was going to have to get a bigger motor because my 18 foot boat was having trouble getting on a plane, due to added weight of a bait tank and other accessories. The 4 blade prop solved the problem. The boat planes fast, goes faster and rides higher in the water. I went from a 17 pitch 3 blade to the 4 blade at 15 pitch. I could not be more satisfied.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 20th, 2020
The prop fit perfectly on my Evinrude 115 HO but I was disappointed that it arrived with a couple small chips in the paint on the edge of the prop. Otherwise it would definitely get 5 stars. Needing the prop and unwilling to wait for the return process, I decided to use it anyway. I will say, I was fishing an unfamiliar lake and there were "Deadheads" (underwater logs) in a lot of the bays and even in the lake. The boat was moving along slowly when I hit one that was just under the surface. I immediately put the boat in neutral, shut it down and inspected the prop and all three blades were scratched but none were bent or broken. Very happy about that. Any other aluminum prop would've broken or at least been bent. I'll be purchasing another of these props since this one is still not the correct pitch. Once I find the correct prop, I'll be purchasing a Stainless prop from iBoats.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 18th, 2020
Propeller reviewed on Jul 17th, 2020
Thought my boat was underpowered because of it not getting on a plane quickly. Was prepared to go to a bigger motor. Put on the four blade prop and went from 17 pitch to 15. All problems solved. Quick hole shot, rides higher in water, and faster. Great product and price.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 16th, 2020
Propeller reviewed on Jul 11th, 2020
Was as advertised, easy to install and works great.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 8th, 2020
Got size info off old prop, easy installation, fast shipping, good price and works great. Thanks Iboats
Propeller reviewed on Jul 6th, 2020
We have a 89 Larson dc170 with mcm 3.0. I can carry a full load and it doesn’t take long to get on plane. Pulled the tube no problem with the 4 adults, 2 kids on board and one on the tube. I am not embarr to take people out on the boat anymore. The top speed wasn’t affected much (probably faster now loaded) when switching from a 14.25x17 3 blade but I haven’t checked it with gps yet.

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