Solas RUBEX L3 9572-160-17 Stainless Steel Boat Propeller

Solas RUBEX L3 Propellers
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Propeller Specifications:

  • Part(s): #9572-160-17
  • Manufacturer: Solas
  • Brand:RUBEX L3
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 16
  • Pitch: 17
  • Blades: 3
  • Rotation: Counter (Counter-Clockwise)
  • Average RUBEX L3 Rating:
  • Usually Ships Within: Business Day

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About Solas Boat Propellers

RUBEX L3 Stainless Steel Boat Propellers

  • Solas Stainless Steel High Performance RUBEX Interchangeable Hub Propellers
  • Interchangeable with Flo-Torq & Vortex Systems
  • Reduce vibration to provide longer life to lower units

RUBEX Manufacturing Advantages

  • All SOLAS propellers are developed by a state of the art process. Through a sequence of theoretical calculations, geometry design, prototype testing, pilot production and field tests, SOLAS propellers are designed to meet customers' various requirements.
  • SOLAS Stainless Steel Propellers feature the industry's highest percentage of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. Our material resists rust from salt water and increases the stability of the propeller blades. SOLAS Stainless Steel propellers are made by investment casting process.
  • SOLAS focus its production improvement efforts on efficient use of space, increased yield, first in first out processes and automated equipment (such as robotic dipping arms). We are constantly improving processes and striving even higher. Performance and durability are the characteristics of the SOLAS stainless steel products.

Reviews for Solas RUBEX L3 Propellers
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  • Scores shown are based on all Solas RUBEX L3 propeller reviews.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 12th, 2020
Good customer service
Propeller reviewed on Oct 29th, 2019
Prop works good on a 210 Triumph with a Suzuki 150
Propeller reviewed on Sep 4th, 2015
Fast delivery, excellent valve, easy to install and very happy with the performance!
Propeller reviewed on Oct 3rd, 2011
Great prop. Planes out well, great midrange, and has great top end. 53-54 mph on 18' Larson.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 24th, 2011
Worked great. Boat flies

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