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Props spin either clockwise (standard or right-hand rotation) or counter-clockwise (counter or left-hand rotation).

Most single engines use a standard rotation prop. Most twin engines use one of each.

To determine what prop rotation you have, look at your prop as if on a boat. Position a blade pointing straight up. If the right-hand side of the blade is closer to the boat than to you, it's a standard rotation prop.

Where to Find Your Propeller Part Number

Size codes are not the part number 15 1/2x17 is not the propeller part number!
Look around the hub or blades Look around the inner hub or on the blades.

Props are often stamped with both dimensions and a part number.

Look on the outer hub of the prop near the blades or inside the hub.

Numbers similar to 15 x 17 are the prop dimensions (diameter & pitch).

Those numbers are not your part number!

Part numbers resemble 031018, 48-11320A40, 2231-103-12, etc.

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