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About Stiletto Boat Propellers

Superior Blade Design

All Stiletto Propellers are of a progressive pitch design. Cupped blades help reduce the chance of cavitation, therefore, increasing the efficiency and performance of your engine.

Total Performance

Stiletto Propellers are designed to help each boat and engine combination achieve its peak performance at all throttle levels: low end, mid-range, and top end. Stiletto Propellers are designed to outperform the mass produced aluminum and stainless steel stock/utility propellers. The outer hub is vented to allow some of the exhaust gases to escape preceding each blade. This helps eliminate performance robbing vacuums that occur behind the blades. Stiletto props are made in the USA.

TRIAD Propellers

  • The TRIAD provides a higher performance level in all areas of operation.
  • This series is the perfect replacement for those wanting better performance over-all, at a very reasonable price.
  • The quality of the Triad series is second to none in it's class and will provide years of use and trouble-free operation.

TRIAD I Propellers TRIAD II Propellers TRIAD Propellers + Guardian Hub

STAR Propellers

  • The overall capabilities of this prop will enhance the your boat's perfomance.
  • Stiletto props are built with your boating needs in mind.

STAR Propellers STAR Propellers + Guardian Hub

ADVANTAGE Propellers

  • The ADVANTAGE series provides a step up in performance over standard replacements propellers
  • This is the perfect prop for the boater that wants to gain better performance without having to empty your savings account.
  • This highly polished, well designed prop will perform as good as it looks.

ADVANTAGE I Propellers ADVANTAGE II Propellers ADVANTAGE III Propellers ADVANTAGE Propellers + Guardian Hub ADVANTAGE Q Propellers + Guardian Hub

BAY PRO Propellers

  • Being a 4-blade design, the BAY PRO series is suited to many boats where over-all lift is needed with a bit more stern-lift than a 3-blade can achieve.
  • This is one of the smoothest, best performing 4-blade props out there.

BAY PRO I Propellers BAY PRO II Propellers BAY PRO III Propellers BAY PRO I Propellers + Guardian Hub BAY PRO II Propellers + Guardian Hub BAY PRO III Propellers + Guardian Hub

PRO 4 BASS Propellers

  • Being a 4-blade design, the PRO 4 BASS series is suited to bass boats.
  • This is one of the smoothest, best performing 4-blade props out there.

PRO 4 BASS Propellers

Guardian Hubs

  • Guardian SQ-Lok hubs, used with most Stiletto propellers, are designed to take the punishing power and exhaust heat today's modern marine engines deliver.
  • They feature heavy-duty construction with a nylon center core and a molded-in interlocking brass spline insert for extra strength and durability.
  • Guardian Hubs are easy to install with common tools, and come with the necessary hardware, to help get you moving quickly and easily.

Propeller Quick Search

Just start typing characteristics about your boat's engine. You can type in horsepower, model name, liters, year, etc.

Possible engine matches will be displayed below your search query. Keep typing to further narrow the list. Once you see the engine that most closely matches yours, select it using your mouse or the up/down arrow keys.

Select the pitch & rotation of propellers you wish to see, then click "Find Prop"

Where to Find Your Prop Pitch

Look on the outer hub of the prop near the blades or inside the hub.

Most props are stamped with a series of numbers.

Pitch is always the last number listed.

Example: 3 x 16 x 24.5R

3 - Number of Blades (occasionally displayed)

16 - Diameter

24.5 - Pitch

R - Direction of Rotation (R = Right/Standard, L = Left/Counter)

Pitch is stamped on the outer prop hub...   ...or
around the inner hub.
Prop Rotation

Props spin either clockwise (standard or right-hand rotation) or counter-clockwise (counter or left-hand rotation).

Most single engines use a standard rotation prop. Most twin engines use one of each.

To determine what prop rotation you have, look at your prop as if on a boat. Position a blade pointing straight up. If the right-hand side of the blade is closer to the boat than to you, it's a standard rotation prop.

Where to Find Your Propeller Part Number

Props are often stamped with both dimensions and a part number.

Look on the outer hub of the prop near the blades or inside the hub.

Numbers similar to 15 x 17 are the prop dimensions (diameter & pitch).

Those numbers are not your part number!

Part numbers resemble 031018, 48-11320A40, 2231-103-12, etc.

Look around the inner hub or on the blades.   15 1/2x17 is not the propeller part number!
About DuoProps

Volvo Penta DuoProps have a front and rear propeller that rotate back to back on the same drive. The front propeller is closest to the boat and hits the water first.

DuoProps have both a counter and standard rotation prop to eliminate steering torque. The front prop is always counter rotation. The rear prop is always standard rotation.

Volvo Penta DuoProps are each stamped with a size code (D2, F5, T9, etc) that is used to find a prop replacement. With this code you can replace either the front or rear pieces, or the complete DuoProp.

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