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About Solas Boat Propellers

Solas Boat Propellers Founded in 1985, SOLAS is now one of the most well known and trusted names in outboard and stern drive propellers. SOLAS' success is largely due to superior propeller design and craftsmanship.

High Precision Design All SOLAS propellers are developed through a state of the art process. Using theoretical calculations, geometry design, modern CAD technologies, prototype testing, pilot production and field tests, SOLAS props are designed to be superior to other propellers.

#1 Ranked Propeller Numerous tests conducted by major media authorities have proven that SOLAS propellers stand up to collisions better than the competitors'. Long term durability studies have shown that SOLAS propellers' resistance against corrosion outperforms all others in their class.

SOLAS uses a state of the art squeeze casting process to make their aluminum propellers stonger and tougher than traditional die cast props. SOLAS aluminum propellers have 4 layers of paint. Using superior coatings ensures excellent anti-corrosion performance.

AMITA 3 Three Blade Aluminum Propeller
  • Exclusive Solas squeeze casting process
  • Wide blade design
  • Outstanding acceleration and top speed

AMITA 3 Plus Three Blade Aluminum Propeller
  • Larger blade design
  • Better thrust
  • Suitable for heavy boats
AMITA 4 Four Blade Aluminum Propeller
  • Exclusive Solas squeeze casting process
  • Increased static thrust for heavy loads & maneuverability
  • Great stern lift and mid-range performance
AMITA HIGH THRUST Four Blade Aluminum Propeller
  • Offers excellent forward and reverse thrust
  • Ideal for heavy load and sail drive application
ALUMINUM BRAVO II Three Blade Aluminum Propeller
for Mercruiser:
  • 4.3L ~ 7.4L / D 2.8L ~ D7.3L
  • 350 Mag, 454 Mag, 502 Mag
  • Handles very powerful thrust

SOLAS stainless steel propellers feature the industry's highest percentage of chromium, nickel and molybdenum. These materials resist corrosion and increase the stability of the propeller blades. Performance and durability are the characteristics of the SOLAS stainless steel products.

SATURN General Purpose Propeller
  • Three-blade stainless steel propeller
  • All-around general purpose performance
  • A more durable replacement for aluminum propeller with better efficiency
NEW SATURN All Around Performance Propeller
  • Offers good acceleration & all-around performance
  • Smaller pitch sizes offered in extra large diameter with increased blade area
  • Large ear design is ideal for pontoons, commercial hulls, and heavy loads
LEXOR All Around Performance
  • Large diameter and blade area for big boat loads
  • Great high speed performance without sacrificing mid-range speeds
  • Excellent fuel economy for offshore boats
TITAN High Power Applications
  • High camber blade and large blade area design
  • Great load carrying capability
  • Excellent fuel economy
HR TITAN 3 High Speed Application
  • Performance prop for high speed planning hulls
  • High rake blade design provides excellent bow lift and acceleration
  • Heavy cup design increases bite and reduces slip
HR TITAN 4 Excellent Cruising Performance
  • Provides great stern lift and acceleration
  • High rake blade with large cupping design
  • Delivers powerful thrust and very smooth performance
  • Increased speed and fuel economy in the engine's mid-range
B3 for Mercury Bravo 3
  • Fits all Bravo III Sterndrives
  • Excellent performance, acceleration, and top speed
  • 4.3L ~ 7.4L / D2.8L ~ D7.3L
  • 350 Mag, 454 Mag, 502 Mag
  • Handles very powerful thrust

Rubex 2-piece propellers are designed to eliminate the chatter and vibration seen on competitive hub systems. These strong and durable rubber hubs can deflect 10% of impact for softer shifting and reduced damage from propshaft shock when the propeller strikes a submerged object. Each Rubex hub kit comes with the hardware needed to install the propeller on the propshaft.

RUBEX 3 Aluminum 3 Blade
  • Equivalent to Amita 3
  • Wide blade design for 4 stroke motors
  • Outstanding acceleration and top speed
RUBEX 4 Aluminum 4 Blade
  • Equivalent to Amita 4
  • Increased static thrust for heavy boats and maneuverability
  • Outstanding mid-range efficiency and stern lift
RUBEX HR4 Stainless Steel 4 Blade
  • Equivalent to HR Titan 4
  • Great stern lift and acceleration
  • Delivers a very smooth and powerful thrust
RUBEX L3 Stainless Steel 3 Blade
  • Equivalent to Lexor 3
  • Large diameter and blade area for big boat loads
  • Great high speed performance without sacrificing mid-range speeds
  • Excellent fuel economy for offshore boats
RUBEX L4 Stainless Steel 4 Blade
  • Equivalent to Lexor 4
  • Large diameter and blade area for big loads
RUBEX NS3 Stainless Steel 3 Blade
  • Equivalent to New Saturn
  • Large area, small pitch prop sizes available
  • Good acceleration and all-around performance
RUBEX S3 Stainless Steel 3 Blade
  • Ultimate Performance boat propeller
  • Hi-Performance and speed for bass and bay boats
  • High rake prop design for increased bow lift
  • Extra cupping for great bite in high motor mount positions
  • Cud down blade ear reduces drag

Propeller Quick Search

Just start typing characteristics about your boat's engine. You can type in horsepower, model name, liters, year, etc.

Possible engine matches will be displayed below your search query. Keep typing to further narrow the list. Once you see the engine that most closely matches yours, select it using your mouse or the up/down arrow keys.

Select the pitch & rotation of propellers you wish to see, then click "Find Prop"

Where to Find Your Prop Pitch

Look on the outer hub of the prop near the blades or inside the hub.

Most props are stamped with a series of numbers.

Pitch is always the last number listed.

Example: 3 x 16 x 24.5R

3 - Number of Blades (occasionally displayed)

16 - Diameter

24.5 - Pitch

R - Direction of Rotation (R = Right/Standard, L = Left/Counter)

Pitch is stamped on the outer prop hub...   ...or
around the inner hub.
Prop Rotation

Props spin either clockwise (standard or right-hand rotation) or counter-clockwise (counter or left-hand rotation).

Most single engines use a standard rotation prop. Most twin engines use one of each.

To determine what prop rotation you have, look at your prop as if on a boat. Position a blade pointing straight up. If the right-hand side of the blade is closer to the boat than to you, it's a standard rotation prop.

Where to Find Your Propeller Part Number

Props are often stamped with both dimensions and a part number.

Look on the outer hub of the prop near the blades or inside the hub.

Numbers similar to 15 x 17 are the prop dimensions (diameter & pitch).

Those numbers are not your part number!

Part numbers resemble 031018, 48-11320A40, 2231-103-12, etc.

Look around the inner hub or on the blades.   15 1/2x17 is not the propeller part number!
About DuoProps

Volvo Penta DuoProps have a front and rear propeller that rotate back to back on the same drive. The front propeller is closest to the boat and hits the water first.

DuoProps have both a counter and standard rotation prop to eliminate steering torque. The front prop is always counter rotation. The rear prop is always standard rotation.

Volvo Penta DuoProps are each stamped with a size code (D2, F5, T9, etc) that is used to find a prop replacement. With this code you can replace either the front or rear pieces, or the complete DuoProp.

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