Yamaha Pro 66K-45974-B0-00 Stainless Steel Boat Propeller

Yamaha Pro Propellers
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Propeller Specifications:

  • Part(s): #66K-45974-B0-00
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Brand:Pro
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 14 - 1/2
  • Pitch: 23
  • Blades: 3
  • Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
  • Average Pro Rating:
  • Usually Ships Within: 5 Business Days

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About Yamaha Boat Propellers

Pro Stainless Steel Boat Propellers

An excellent performance-oriented choice for single-outboard, high-speed boats requiring "bow lift," such as mid- to large-sized bass, bay, and flats boats.

Available in 17", 18", 19", 21" and 23" pitches for 60~130hp two stroke and T60 ~F115 four stroke Yamaha outboards, and 21", 23", 25" and 27" for V6 two-stroke and F150 ~F250 Yamaha four stroke outboards.

Right-hand rotation only.

Reviews for Yamaha Pro Propellers
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13% (24)
2% (5)
4% (8)
7% (13)
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Propeller reviewed on May 27th, 2015
this propeller performs as stated. I would commend if needing a new propeller to get a turning point
Propeller reviewed on May 26th, 2015
Great service.Promt shipping. Exact prop for my Ol'55 Evinrude. This will be my go-to for my boating needs.
Propeller reviewed on May 20th, 2015
I needed a replacement prop for one that had been damaged repaired several times, so I went looking. It isn't easy to find a prop, locally, for a 90hp, 4 stroke Yamaha, but you guys had size and pitch I wanted. With the hub kit, it all went together smoothly and fit on the shaft without a hitch. I haven't been on the water yet, but soon! I do not anticipate any problems. Thank you
Propeller reviewed on May 16th, 2015
Got the power back I was missing. Easy install. Just had to put In A washer as the prop nut kept digging into the hub.
Propeller reviewed on May 15th, 2015
Makes my motor go really fast and planes out faster.
Propeller reviewed on May 9th, 2015
With your additional parts I ordered, the prop was easy to install. The only thing I didn't have was a small tube of grease. You should give thought to including it with future purchases. Will definitely purchase from iboats.com again. Thank you, blessings.
Propeller reviewed on Apr 26th, 2015
Set and worked fine as expected
Propeller reviewed on Apr 24th, 2015
Shipped fast, works great, and I will return for other products as needed. thank you
Propeller reviewed on Apr 18th, 2015
This is the second one I bought during the last two years. The first one was destroyed in the first outing. I did not run into anything really bad but did get into the sand at slow speed. I went back to my old original aluminum prop from Tracker. A year or two later, the tracker prop really needs to be replaced. Since I already have the adapter, I decided to give this another try. The first outing was perfect. The performance was significantly better than my tracker prop. Unfortunately, the prop was badly damaged in my second outing. I only ran into muddy area at low speed. I have been through this kind of area many times with my tracker prop and did not see much damage. It seems this prop has high performance but not durable.
Propeller reviewed on Apr 4th, 2015
Smooth ride.
Propeller reviewed on Mar 17th, 2015
The quality of this propeller is excellent, performs well and has a fair price. Would not hesitate to purchase another. Customer service is superb.
Propeller reviewed on Feb 5th, 2015
Thanks for asking my opinion about your service. I ordered a sst prop from iboats a couple of months ago, the prop came in a box with the correct diameter and pitch marked on the box. However, the prop inside the box was a different diameter and pitch. You would think that common sense would prevail and the prop I ordered could be sent to me. But your company denied my request and told me that I sent back the wrong prop. What a crock!!!! I sent back the same prop in the same box. My credit was denied and the same prop was sent back to me like it was my fault the wrong prop was sent.. I'm done with iboats, no more of my business....Ken Lasserre
Propeller reviewed on Jan 6th, 2015
This is the only one listed for these engines. I have a 2010 DH6 on a 12' Porta-Bote carrying 350-450 lbs. Struggles to get on a plane and doesn't come close(3600)to achieving recommended rpm's(4750-5750). I'd like to get a 7 1/2" X 6" so the performance would be where it should be if that size was in supply.
Propeller reviewed on Dec 9th, 2014
I was surprised to find composite parts on the prop I'm hoping it'll save my motor from serious impact damage. Otherwise it's light weight and pitch is just right for my boating performance
Propeller reviewed on Nov 30th, 2014
Got the prop but boat is in storage. Looks good and came quickly. Will see if it works.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 26th, 2014
Will not be using product until spring time.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 26th, 2014
I abuse this wheel, I have destroyed 2-3 a year, on three boats and five motors, for a long few years now. A solid hub required for me as it lives in shells, rocks, sand, and mud. Flukes give just enough on hard hits, so as not tear up the lower unit as a thicker, harder, more expensive wheel would. they have consistently outlasted other equivalent brands. and cheap enough to throw away and replace when done. When I'm done with them, trust me, they aren't worth repairing.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 30th, 2014
Very well made, heavier than original and works just as expected.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 28th, 2014
I searched high an low. Read forum after forum and found this product. This product was the solution to my problem and exceeded my expectations... 17' fisher 40hp force went from a stainless 11x15 to this.... new boat!
Propeller reviewed on Oct 28th, 2014
This cupped Stainless Propeller is GREAT. I have it on a 13 Boston Whaler 86 Sport with a 2005 2 stroke 50 HP Johnson with power trim. Big difference from a regular and a cupped prop with power trim. 7 mph difference. 46 mph with gps, that is crazy fast when your sitting 6 inches off the water.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 21st, 2014
The boat prop fits on the shaft just right .I havent taken it out yet .The rubber was slipping on my old one
Propeller reviewed on Sep 27th, 2014
The Turning Point Hustler 3-blade aluminum prop is a good deal. Prop was delivered timely and in excellent condition. Prop performs well.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 23rd, 2014
Works great for the price!
Propeller reviewed on Sep 16th, 2014
Let me start be giving my boat specs... 2006 Stingray 180RX (18ft) with 3L Volvo Penta with hydrofoil installed . I usually have about 150-200lbs of weight down in the ski hold. I've always used 3 blade aluminum props in the past with good results. I used a 21 pitch for cruising with just the family (4 of us) on inland water ways or minimum loads. A 19 pitch that I used about 80% of the time for tubing and general overall use. A 17 pitch for heavy loads of 3 tubes with 4-5 high schoolers out back and a couple adults in the boat. The 19p will pull 3 tubes too, just not well as the 17p. Mainly when swinging the tubes out wide and having to accelerate quickly to keep the tubes from outrunning you. So, now that you know my setup and use let me tell you about the Turning Point 4 blade 19p prop. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical of the claims of this prop. For the money it seemed a little too good to be true. It has a better hole shot than my 3 blade 19p and about the same as the 3 blade 17p (but with less slip). I've had a 400 RPM reduction with this new prop as well. Pulling with this new prop is very good. Not a lot of slip and acceleration is better than the 3 blade. We took a River trip a few weeks ago and with the boat loaded with 7 people I did have a harder time getting up on plane due to having too much weight in the back of the boat. After shifting some weight forward things were better. As far as top end goes I don't see any difference between my 19p 3 blade and the new 4 blade. With four of us in the boat and full of fuel I can too out at 44 mph. Speaking about the top end it is worth mentioning that there is a huge difference in the amount of trim I can use now. Before I could only trim about 1/4 up and any more would result in porpoising. With the new prop I can trim up almost half. The ride and control are better with the increased trim ability. While trimmed down the cornering is tighter as well. The only thing I would change is buying a 17p four blade to have as a second / spare prop. With the 19p four blade replacing my 21p and 19p 3 blades I am convinced that the 17p four blade will pull like a 17p three blade (or harder) with characteristics of a 19p three blade. One last thing to mention is that I used my existing flo torque hub on the new prop. Everything fits and works great!
Propeller reviewed on Sep 15th, 2014
The hub prop Fit work fine. Good Service Quick Delivery.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 12th, 2014
Quick and correct!
Propeller reviewed on Sep 10th, 2014
Good Product for the money. The thrust washer that came with the hub didn't fit my 99 Evinrude 4 stroke 70 HP, but the one I had on the motor adapted the prop fine.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 8th, 2014
Just what I was looking for in a new prop. Had original 21 pitch 3 blade on 1993 Stingray 659 zp 22 foot cuddy. Would take 7 seconds to plane. With 19 pitch Hustler does it in 3 seconds. Makes the boat feel like a sport boat. As expected I lost about 6-7 mph on the top end but still goes 49 mph in light chop. Motor is original 350 carb with alpha one. I had expected reverse to be better with 4 blades but no difference I can tell. That is why I gave it 4 stars.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 2nd, 2014
my new prop came extremely fast with no problems.great job guys!
Propeller reviewed on Sep 1st, 2014
Better then the Black Max it replaced. Gets on plane faster, better hole shot, 1 MPH better top speed.

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