Yamaha Pro 66K-45974-B0-00 Stainless Steel Boat Propeller

Yamaha Pro Propellers
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Propeller Specifications:

  • Part(s): #66K-45974-B0-00
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Brand:Pro
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 14 - 1/2
  • Pitch: 23
  • Blades: 3
  • Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
  • Average Pro Rating:
  • Usually Ships Within: Business Day

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About Yamaha Boat Propellers

Pro Stainless Steel Boat Propellers

An excellent performance-oriented choice for single-outboard, high-speed boats requiring "bow lift," such as mid- to large-sized bass, bay, and flats boats.

Available in 17", 18", 19", 21" and 23" pitches for 60~130hp two stroke and T60 ~F115 four stroke Yamaha outboards, and 21", 23", 25" and 27" for V6 two-stroke and F150 ~F250 Yamaha four stroke outboards.

Right-hand rotation only.

Reviews for Yamaha Pro Propellers
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6% (24)
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Propeller reviewed on Mar 23rd, 2017
Operates as it should.
Propeller reviewed on Mar 11th, 2017
Haven't had the opportunity to use this yet, but I'm satisfied with the delivery. I'm planning on using this as a test and then spare prop. Ultimately I want to go with a SFS or OFS series prop from Power Tech, but have to do the homework before dropping $500 to $600
Propeller reviewed on Mar 10th, 2017
Even though I haven't had time to install this propeller, it was shipped quick, and was in perfect shape when I received it.
Propeller reviewed on Mar 5th, 2017
Great quality product!
Propeller reviewed on Feb 3rd, 2017
Great looking product and fast shipping. But will have to wait for the weather to get right to try it out.
Propeller reviewed on Jan 13th, 2017
The 4 blade nemisis props ate incredable no loss of speed great power and thrusy
Propeller reviewed on Dec 21st, 2016
perfect fit
Propeller reviewed on Dec 17th, 2016
The prop I bought seems to be very well made works perfect for my boat
Propeller reviewed on Nov 29th, 2016
Works great and simple to instal
Propeller reviewed on Nov 9th, 2016
Dine this already
Propeller reviewed on Nov 2nd, 2016
Excellent product, well priced and delivered on time.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 19th, 2016
My husband and I are very happy with the purchase of a propeller from iboats. we are going to purchase another propeller for just in case as it fit very nicely and made our boat run better than ever. Thanks again
Propeller reviewed on Oct 18th, 2016
Propeller looks great, but the inside hub of the propeller itself had an imperfection and would not allow hub insert to go in all of the way. Sent off return and am still waiting to see if I just wasted my money or not.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 14th, 2016
Is just like the web page discribed..perfect fit
Propeller reviewed on Oct 9th, 2016
Replaced a 3blade 13 pitch blade with a 4blade 9 pitch prop on my 20ft pontoon with 50 hp Honda.Smoother power curve and faster to plane out.Engine actualy sounds quieter at all rpms.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 4th, 2016
Put the new prop on my 17.5 foot bass boat with 150 hp. Outboard. ..I am very pleased with the hole shot. At least 5 sec.faster. Top speed before with 14/23 with 3 people was 55 mph. Now with the 4 blade 14/19 still 55 mph. Steering has improved especially the left turn. I would recommend the Turning point Hustler props to any one.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 4th, 2016
You haven't even shipped it to me !!! Terrible customer service. What do you intend to do about this situation??
Propeller reviewed on Sep 27th, 2016
I followed the on line part guide to order a replacement prop for my Stingray 190 with a Volvo Penta outdrive. I was a very unhappy guy to see that the prop did not fit. I then had to repack it and schlep it to a UPS store and spend $19 to return it. I tried to contact the manufacturer for assistance but they do not have a way for the public to contact them. A very bad experience!
Propeller reviewed on Sep 21st, 2016
just what I was needing didn't realize my old prop was wore so bad,should be able to to pick back up the 6-7 mph I lost, haven't been on the water yet but I sure it will be fine ordered on Monday got the new one on Wed, iBOATS great fast service will order from them again
Propeller reviewed on Sep 17th, 2016
My old prop had rock damage so I called I Boats customer service and gave them the numbers off the old prop and they were very nice and fixed me up with the same standard prop. I also purchased the Hub Kit for Force 40~75Hp C Ser RBX-114. I have only had the boat in the water once since but every thing is great for now.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 11th, 2016
Slips on easy
Propeller reviewed on Sep 11th, 2016
I was in a jam, needed a prop quickly and iboats came through just in time to save my weekend. However, the prop turned out to be bigger than stock, requiring that I remove the trim fin for it to work which was a nuisance. Also because it is bigger I don't get the acceleration I used to. So I am disappointed in the one size fits all part, not in the service provided
Propeller reviewed on Sep 6th, 2016
Too bad it is an OEM part - it was EXPENSIVE. We all know the meaning of BOAT - Break Out Another Thousand :)
Propeller reviewed on Sep 4th, 2016
Purchased this prop in May of this year for my '71 9.5 Sportwin. Fit was good and worked well . . . for the first several outings. Fourth trip out the hub center spun free from the prop. Engine would rev but the boat wouldn't speed up. I'm hoping iBoats will take it back. I've seen it said "IT TAKES A NICKLE TO GO FIRST CLASS" and there seems to be some truth in that saying.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 2nd, 2016
prop was as advertised and as on my boat in less then 10 minutes John
Propeller reviewed on Aug 25th, 2016
Great prop for my 27 Chris craft Catalina. Good quality and fast delivery. Will definitely use iboats again !!
Propeller reviewed on Aug 23rd, 2016
Replaced my 17 pitch prop with this 15. Gave me more rpm's and a better hole shot. My 3.0l is running at around 4200 rpm's and sounds like it should. Not struggling anymore and gave it new life! Prob was simple to install and is built well. Great prop for the price!
Propeller reviewed on Aug 16th, 2016
Changed the pitch and went with a 4 blade instead of a 3 blade. My boat handles a lot better up on plane faster and stays on plane at a lower speed. Great price and a great prop and good shipping,
Propeller reviewed on Aug 16th, 2016
Nice upgrade to my factory aluminum propellor. Felt the difference immediately.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 15th, 2016
The product can with all necessary parts to install. Works perfectly.

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