Solas HR Titan 3553-143-17 Stainless Steel Boat Propeller

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Propeller Specifications:
SKU: #3553-143-17
Manufacturer: Solas
Brand: HR Titan
Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 14 - 1/4”
Pitch: 17”
Blades: 4
Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
Average HR Titan Rating:
Usually Ships Within:   1 Business Day

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About Solas Boat Propellers

HR Titan Stainless Steel Boat Propellers

HR Titan 3 - High Speed Application
HR Titan 4 - Excellent Cruising Performance

  • Stainless steel propeller.
  • Provides great stern lift and acceleration.
  • High rake blade with large cupping design for high efficiency at greater speeds and minimizing cavitation under heavy loads.
  • Delivers powerful thrust and very smooth performance.
  • Increased speed and fuel efficiency in engines mid-range.
  • Tough heavy duty rubber bushing smoothes shifting and won’t slip.
  • Solas stainless steel propellers feature the industries highest percentage of chromium, nickel and molybdenum materials to resist rust from salt water and increase the stability of the propeller blades.


HR Titan propellers offers the best performance in:
  • Outboard powered boats
  • Bass
  • Flats
  • Walleye
  • Offshore single and dual engine
  • Sport single and dual engine
  • Pleasure
  • Runabouts
  • Deck and stern driven sport single and dual engine
  • Family Cruisers
  • Deck
  • Pontoon
  • House boats
Reviews for Solas HR Titan Propellers
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76% (52)
11% (8)
1% (1)
1% (1)
8% (6)
Propeller reviewed on Apr 21st, 2014
Iam pleased with my purchase. The fit was right, looks good and Runs out smooth.
Propeller reviewed on Apr 18th, 2014
Performs very well on my 22' Sea Hunt
Propeller reviewed on Mar 25th, 2014
The right prop showed up very quickly. Great price, great service. Steve
Propeller reviewed on Dec 26th, 2013
Launches 17 ft flats boat like a rocket. Wot is 6200 rmp with zero vibration Perfect prop for this boat.
Propeller reviewed on Dec 19th, 2013
Propeller reviewed on Dec 17th, 2013
Much smother than the 16 pitch 3 blade I had on my 70 Yamaha. Works great
Propeller reviewed on Nov 4th, 2013
Went back to a 3-blade stainless steel prop from a 4-blade aluminum and the handling, speed, acceleration jumped. While the aluminum's might save a little money, the performance jump and removal of cavitation with stainless makes the extra money worth every penny.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 5th, 2013
good bang for the buck, smooth running good bite.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 20th, 2013
I bought the stainless prop to replace my aluminum prop. My aluminum prop was a Solas that had 14.5 degrees of pitch. The recommended replacement stainless prop comes in 14 degrees of pitch. This 1/2 degree of pitch resulted in the engine rpm rising about 500 rpm's and losing about 5 mph of top end speed. This is no major issue but I wanted to share with everyone so that you would know that it does have a noticeable difference.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 19th, 2013
Very fast shipping like the prop.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 5th, 2013
The Solas HR Titan 3 blade stainless prop performed excellent. thanks mike
Propeller reviewed on Sep 4th, 2013
had a 21" pitch 14" dia aluminum prop on previously. boat ran 44 mph GPS, put on the 14.75" dia 19" pitch SS prop works well now running 51 MPH GPS. motor is a 150 hp yamaha 4 stroke also got my rpm's up on the motor at 5500 rpm 4 strokes seem to like the 5500 rpm range.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 23rd, 2013
I WOULD NOT BUY A THING FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN! Their statement of "We're here to help! We understand that sometimes a product you purchase just doesn't work out, which is why we want to make the return process as easy as possible for you. After all, we want you to be satisfied with your order so you'll return again and again as an customer, and to also recommend us to your boating friends." could not be farther from the truth. Their stance on propellers returns/exchanges is ridiculous. They are not willing to exchange, they hide behind their computers and have not been willing to do anything but say "sorry". Not a very good approach to helping customers find the correct fit to their needs. Obviously only interested in the bottom line - getting your dollar in their pocket. BE WARNED - you are going to get what you pay for - You get Cheap prices, but you also get a cheap company that will not be there to help when your purchase isn't correct!!
Propeller reviewed on Aug 19th, 2013
Item arrived on the date is was suppose to. Very fast service! Prop works just like our old prop. We didn't miss a weekend on the lake. Thank you
Propeller reviewed on Aug 17th, 2013
Great service, great prop...
Propeller reviewed on Aug 14th, 2013
Great propeller, except for me I did not realize that the CR designation meant Counter Rotation instead of Clockwise rotation....thus I ordered the wrong direction prop...and since I did not install it yet, I shipped it back and got the correct one....IBoats was very responsive and courteous and made the return and reorder a more pleasant one. Thanks IBoats!
Propeller reviewed on Aug 5th, 2013
I own a 2005 Maxum 1800mx which i have had since new. The stock prop on the 135hp stern drive with Alpha One Drive has performed Ok, but it would have real bad cavitation when in the open sea or pulling wake boarders or tubers. Turn in was not that strong or smooth. I purchased this new prop with the same pitch and diameter (.25 inch smaller) but with 4 blades instead of 3 on the stock prop. Conclusion Cavitation is completely gone!! :) Turn in, is way smoother and the ride and handling is so controlled. Up on plane the same but better (smooth), top speed close to the same maybe a little slower but you can go faster longer due to the added control. I would highly recommend this prop for all around performance (which is really what every boater needs ) iboats recommended that i also purchase the thrust washer (which I did) sure glad i did as the old one is stuck on the old prop (make sure you buy it!!) The final benefit, IT LOOKS REAL COOL!!!!
Propeller reviewed on Jul 31st, 2013
Ordered this prop on a Friday with 2 business delivery. Wasn't suppose to receive it until Wednesday but received it on Tuesday. Very Fast Service. Prop works great and we love the price.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 8th, 2013
Prop was as advertized but did not perform as I expected on my motor/boat, thru no fault of the prop.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 2nd, 2013
Used the prop selector went with a 19p boat had 17p. Way too much prop boat can't even plane. Since prop was used for about an hour before switching can't get a refund so now out $300.00 going to try and sell hopefully get 150.00. Found a prop dealer on Walleye Central who will let you test a prop before buying going to give that a try wish I would have found him earlier and save some money. Chatted on line with him for my boat suggests 15p or 16p for best performance, Iboats suggested 19p.
Propeller reviewed on Jun 18th, 2013
The prop was exactly what I ordered. However it did not fit. This was because my engine is an in between years and all schematics showed a V6 gearcase with 15 splines. My engine has the V4 gearcase with 13 splines. iboats customer service were great.
Propeller reviewed on Jun 18th, 2013
I returned this prop.I switched to a Rubex Hub style Prop (Same Prop)so I could use a Quicksilver flo torque III hub kit to eliminate Prop chatter on my 4cyl Yamaha 115 F.(See Quicksilver flo torque III hub review) Works great- No more prop chatter noise and Smooth shifting. The prop performs very well. Great hole shot! Great cruising with stern lift. I am very happy now. Thanks Customer service for you understanding!
Propeller reviewed on Jun 18th, 2013
The prop has been exceptional. A huge difference from the 14 x 17" pitch 3 blade aluminum that came with the motor. The prop lifts the stern up and gets the boat onto the plane a lot faster. Great for my skiing. I have lost 2 MPH off top end but I expected that coming down in Pitch. Very well made.
Propeller reviewed on Jun 13th, 2013
I have a 266 JC Tritoon i/o volvo penta sx 5.7 280hp and was running a 3 blade aluminum Solas 15p top speed 35mph at 4300 rmp and now running 4 blade 15p top speed is 39mph at 4600 rmp. Boat handles better and is more responsive with quick hole shot and planning.
Propeller reviewed on May 25th, 2013
Works great. cruiser now planes easily. Came with nut lock and odd shaped merc end fitting, which I thought I had to buy.
Propeller reviewed on May 25th, 2013
Works great. cruiser now planes easily. Came with nut lock and odd shaped merc end fitting, which I thought I had to buy.
Propeller reviewed on May 14th, 2013
Great prop and works very well.
Propeller reviewed on May 5th, 2013
The prop. I purchased is awesome!
Propeller reviewed on Apr 18th, 2013
i am very satisfied the way my order was handled on the phone and the prompt shipping and the prop it self is out standing well done i
Propeller reviewed on Mar 22nd, 2013
I ordered this prop to replace the original aluminum one on my 2008 Monterey 220, equipped with a Volvo Penta 5.0 GXi-G and an SX-A outdrive. The prop arrived on time and in perfect condition. I elected to keep the same pitch as the orignial prop on my boat, but in order to do that, I had to increase the diameter of the replacement as the original aluminum prop was a 14.5 x 19. Increasing the diameter did not present any issues and the new prop installed with ease. Aside from the fact that it looks great with the new prop, the boat comes out the hole much quicker, and gets up on place much faster. I would recommend this prop to anyone with a similar boat/engine/outdrive combination.
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