Solas HR Titan 3553-143-17 Stainless Steel Boat Propeller

Solas HR Titan Propellers
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Propeller Specifications:

  • Part(s): #3553-143-17
  • Manufacturer: Solas
  • Brand:HR Titan
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 14 - 1/4
  • Pitch: 17
  • Blades: 4
  • Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
  • Average HR Titan Rating:
  • Usually Ships Within: 1 Business Day

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About Solas Boat Propellers

HR Titan Stainless Steel Boat Propellers

HR Titan 3 - High Speed Application
HR Titan 4 - Excellent Cruising Performance

  • Stainless steel propeller.
  • Provides great stern lift and acceleration.
  • High rake blade with large cupping design for high efficiency at greater speeds and minimizing cavitation under heavy loads.
  • Delivers powerful thrust and very smooth performance.
  • Increased speed and fuel efficiency in engines mid-range.
  • Tough heavy duty rubber bushing smoothes shifting and won’t slip.
  • Solas stainless steel propellers feature the industries highest percentage of chromium, nickel and molybdenum materials to resist rust from salt water and increase the stability of the propeller blades.


HR Titan propellers offers the best performance in:
  • Outboard powered boats
  • Bass
  • Flats
  • Walleye
  • Offshore single and dual engine
  • Sport single and dual engine
  • Pleasure
  • Runabouts
  • Deck and stern driven sport single and dual engine
  • Family Cruisers
  • Deck
  • Pontoon
  • House boats

Reviews for Solas HR Titan Propellers
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Specific Reviews
Reviews for Solas HR Titan 4 Blade Stainless 14.25" dia. X 17" pitch SR
Propeller reviewed on May 7th, 2017
This prop runs perfectly on my ShallowSport 24v with a Yamaha SHO 250. Great out of the hole, no cavitation at any angle and runs the boat 45 MPH. This is the second boat I have had on which a Solas Prop was the perfect fit (albeit a different prop). I have used them for years and highly recommend Solas. Just do some research before buying to ensure that you are buying the right size, pitch and rake for your boat. Solas can tell you what experience boaters have had with each of their props.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 31st, 2015
Everything was as stated. I ordered on Tuesday was at my door when I got home from work on Thursday. Took me 5 minutes to change out the prop with my old one. We had a boat full and still pulled up a skier knee boarder at the same time. Would have never been able to do that with the old one. thanks,
Propeller reviewed on Jun 23rd, 2014
I had the factory 14 1/4x 17 3 blade prop on my 150hp Yamaha but it ate too many rocks. After much research, this one caught my eye. I installed this 4 blade 14.25x17 on the boat and wow what an improvement. Lost maybe 2-3 mph at WOT so now it does 40mph instead of 43(who cares). The whole shot, getting on plane, and turning is leagues better. If you have a Hurricane deck boat, this is definitely the prop for you.
Other Reviews
More Solas HR Titan Propeller Reviews
Propeller reviewed on Jul 12th, 2017
Update to my last review on this product. After taking with the Solas rep, and with iBoats customer service, they agreed to allow me to exchange the previous prop suspecting it may have come bent/out of balance. I installed the new prop and it still makes the knocking noise. I've searched all over the web and have spoken with a couple boat mechanics and the best explanation that I got was that it is called "ratcheting" and is caused by the weight of the stainless causing the clutches to knock/chatter. Basically, it's just too heavy and the heavier prop spins faster knocking against the inner workings of the lower unit. It is LOUD obnoxiously loud to the point where you can barely hear a person talking at the front of the boat when at the helm. My boat sounds like a jalopy coming down the waterway at low speed. (Noise goes away at higher RPM's. Today, I ordered the aluminum Solas 3413-138-15 prop and will just deal with replacing it every few years if it gets chewed up. I'll try to sell this one on Craigslist to salvage some of my investment.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 3rd, 2017
I bought this nice solas 23 pitch prop hoping it would be enough and it wasn't. It will make a nice spare or I can resell it! This prop fit perfectly and performed properly. No complaints. Iy came well packed with fast shipping! I repowered my boat with a suzuki 115 4stroke. For the last 20 years I ran a 115 evinrude with a 23 four blade prop. Nobody makes a 4 blade for the suzuki yet in the pitch I need. I need a 24 pitch 4 blade to tame this new motor. I have a 25 pitch 3 blade solas on the way and I fear it may not be enough to tame this powerful new 4 stroke.
Propeller reviewed on Jun 28th, 2017
Great prop, looks great and works as expected.
Propeller reviewed on Jun 26th, 2017
The new prop gave me more get up and go on take off and maybe 2 more mph on top end. Pretty good for a 6000lbs ish 25 foot deck boat!
Propeller reviewed on May 3rd, 2017
The prop works great on my i/o 140 hp boat.God take off and acceleration.The fit and finish is very good.Great product.
Propeller reviewed on Mar 13th, 2017
no more cavitation- excellent hole shot and plains right out. Very much satisfied.
Propeller reviewed on Jan 2nd, 2017
Great and fair price compared to others and very good quality. Completely satisfied with the performance.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 14th, 2016
Propeller reviewed on Oct 1st, 2016
I have a 2013 Suzuki 70hp 4 stroke - iBoats recommended this propeller as a replacement for the factory. I installed it immediately and put the boat in the water but while trying to back it off the trailer I heard a horrible knocking noise. I went away while in neutral but forward/reverse caused the loud knocking. I double checked the nut/install and it was tight/fine. I replace it with the old prop and put the boat in the water - no noise. I've found an article by another customer but I can't post the URL here so just google "New stainless prop causing "knocking" and it will be the first result. I checked the return policy on the website and found that if installed/used it isn't able to be returned. "Once the propeller touches the water it is considered used and is non-returnable. Returned propellers are subject to a 15% restock fee." I'll be calling them on Monday to try to resolve the issue I really want to make the prop work and I don't want to take a bath on the purchase.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 26th, 2016
Greatly improved performance
Propeller reviewed on Sep 9th, 2016
Replaced OEM prop from Volvo Penta with this. It does have a improved performance at the hole shot and at high speeds. The boat seams to run smother which tells me less cavitation. The only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is at crusing speeds I need to run 300 + more RPM to get same speed. So the at mid speeds I seem to have lost some there. Need more time on to really tell.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 1st, 2016
Provides great performance
Propeller reviewed on Aug 30th, 2016
Purchased a used 150 hp 18' Basscat that was having difficulty coming on plane. It was equipped with a 14" dia X 23" Pitch prop. Tried a couple of lower pitch alum props and selected the Solas Titan 4 Blade SS 14" x 20" pitch. Quality and fit appear excellent, hole shot has improved dramatically, top speed dropped a little which was a fair trade. In retrospect I would select a 19" pitch which has nothing to do with the quality of this prop. Good Purchase, would recommend Solas and Iboats.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 16th, 2016
Nice upgrade to my factory aluminum propellor. Felt the difference immediately.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 24th, 2016
I have 250hp 4 stroke on a 22LTS triton. This prop gets out of the hole good. It also carries the same speed in the midrange as my 3 blade 21 pitch. I only lost about 3 mph on the top end.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 24th, 2016
I fish on a sound where the water is very shallow. Unexpected shoals pop up quickly, resulting in a frequently grounded prop. My aluminum prop was badly worn and nicked after two trips out. After two trips with my new stainless prop, it looks as good as new.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 16th, 2016
Couldn't be happier, should have done this years ago. I was doing some regular service, changing the impeller and since my old aluminum prop was a bit nicked up figured I might as well get a new prop. Did quite a bit of research trying to figure out the best choice of pitch for my boat and typical usage - 18' Bayliner w 3.0 Merc. Original prop was a 21" pitch. Top speed went up about 6-7mph, it pulls out of the hole much smoother and at least as strong as the old prop. I was really surprised at the improvement, used a gps speedometer as well as my son on his jetski to pace me. Very satisfied
Propeller reviewed on Jul 11th, 2016
Very satisfied would definitely recommend
Propeller reviewed on Jul 10th, 2016
Superior hole shot and top end to aluminum equivs
Propeller reviewed on Jul 8th, 2016
I like this product
Propeller reviewed on Jul 3rd, 2016
Great prop, was .25" bigger than my original but fit just fine. Put it on my new boat and the first run was great. No issues.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 1st, 2016
Delivery was quick. Prop exactly what I ordered and all is great!! Thanks!
Propeller reviewed on Jun 30th, 2016
Yes so far I'm happy how do i get hub replacement? Let me know Thanks Forest
Propeller reviewed on Jun 16th, 2016
Works great and perfect fit
Propeller reviewed on Jun 6th, 2016
I hit a submerged log and damaged all three blades. The stainless steel replacement Solas prop worked outstanding, looks great and the price was a closer plus free shipping.. Thanks Overton's
Propeller reviewed on Mar 28th, 2016
I put this on my 23 foot Sea Ray with the five seven Alpha One outdrive gets up out of the hole with load and medium two-topping performance wasn't drastically affected I'd recommend this prop.
Propeller reviewed on Mar 24th, 2016
Excellent product. Installation was easy and the performance was superb.
Propeller reviewed on Dec 28th, 2015
Increased top speed by a few mph and lowered rpm about 500. Kept the same pitch as the old 3 blade aluminum prop. Much better holes hot and low speed handling.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 13th, 2015
Thank you!

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