Solas Amita 3413-130-15 Aluminum Boat Propeller

Solas Amita Propellers
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Propeller Specifications:

  • Part(s): #3413-130-15
  • Manufacturer: Solas
  • Brand:Amita
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Diameter: 13
  • Pitch: 15
  • Blades: 4
  • Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
  • Average Amita Rating:
  • Usually Ships Within: 1 Business Day

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Great value & high performance make this a favorite.

Custom 1-piece prop built just for your engine.

About Solas Boat Propellers

Amita Aluminum Boat Propellers

  • High quality aluminum propeller.
  • Universal blade design to fit wide variety of applications.
  • Designed for outstanding acceleration and top speed.
  • Tough heavy duty rubber bushing smoothes shifting and won’t slip.
  • Exclusive Solas squeeze casting process nearly eliminates porosity making our aluminum propellers stronger and tougher than traditional die cast propellers.
  • Solas aluminum propellers have 4 layers of paint applied using superior coatings and high-tech painting process to ensure excellent anti-corrosion performance.


Amita propellers offers the best performance in these types of boats:
  • Outboard powered inflatable
  • Aluminum
  • Ski
  • Bass
  • Flats
  • Walleye
  • Offshore single and dual engine
  • Commercial
  • Pleasure
  • Runabout
  • Pontoon boats
  • Stern driven family cruisers
  • Runabouts
  • House boats

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Specific Reviews
Reviews for Solas Amita 4 Blade Aluminum 13" dia. X 15" pitch SR
Propeller reviewed on Jul 28th, 2018
Never got the shipping notification email, but it was delivered on the date from the purchase email.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 27th, 2017
The difference this prop made on my boat was like night to day. Planes faster with less throttle smoother ride and better fuel economy. prop used on Carolina skiff 198dlv w/90 4stroke Yamaha outboard.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 21st, 2015
I am very pleased with this 4 bladed propeller didn't think the 4th blade would have made a differents but I had more power an saved gas then with a 3 bladed propeller, thomas
Propeller reviewed on Aug 18th, 2015
Product (Solas Amita propeller) was shipped promptly, well packaged, in perfect condition. met specifications as described.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 7th, 2014
This is my 3rd Solas 4 blade prop. Finding the perfect prop for your boat sometimes takes a few tries. And the perfect prop may vary based on how your boat is loaded with gear and passengers and the water conditions. It's a bit like buying speakers, you don't know how they sound with your equipment until you buy them. But with props at these prices you can affordably try a few and dial in the right prop for your boat. It's also nice to have a spare ready if you need it. I use this on a Carolina Skiff 198DLV with a Yamaha 115 4 stroke. I have also tried the 17" and 19" pitch. All ran great but this is my favorite. Although it's not the one that gets the highest m.p.h. it has loads of torque which helps keep the stern high and bow down when riding in chop and only takes a couple of MPH off the top. The 17" was also a good choice. It would keep me at 6000 rpm and deliver a bit more speed. A perfect choice for when I ran the boat alone. With passengers and /or more chop I prefer the 15". I always look to iBoats first for my boating needs. I have found the customer service to be excellent! Actually better than I could have hoped for ~ thanks Jarom
Propeller reviewed on Jul 23rd, 2014
Have a CHawk 190 cc and yamaha 115 2s. With the correct 3 blade, performance was fine with the exception of holding plane at a comfortable speed in choppy conditions. In order to stay on plane, the boat would be moving to fast and the ride deteriorated. Went from 13.25 x 17 3blade to the Solas 13 x 15 4 blade, now can hold plane in a chop at about 14-15kt at 3600 rpm with a relatively dry comfortable ride without constantly making throttle correction. With the 3 blade it was constant throttle correction to hold plane at 38-3900 rpm and 19kts or 4-4100rpm @ 20+Kts without fighting to stay on plane which is not comfortable in 2'+ chop. Also improved is following sea handling, much more responsive to throttle adjustments which is nice at the inlet when it's blowing 15-20 from the east against a falling tide. Lost a little top speed which does not matter to me as I usually don't cruise above 22- 25kts anyway. Hole shot from a dead stop in amazing however the improvement from about 5kts (channel speed limit) and full throttle is only slightly quicker than the 3 blade. I waited a month and put over 40 hrs on the solas 13x15 4blade before commenting as to be able to get a good impression of this product and must say I am very pleased. Will be upgrading to a Solas Titan 4 SS 13x 15 soon and Keep the alum Amitas4 as a backup. As a side not , iboats was easy to deal with and std ship was received 2nd day.
Propeller reviewed on Jun 23rd, 2014
no notable difference in speed maybe 1-2 mph less, but on plane and around the dock handling well worth the speed sacrifice
Propeller reviewed on Jun 26th, 2013
Easy install, has 17' Triumph boat up on plane faster.
Propeller reviewed on Mar 27th, 2013
Can only comment on the timely delivery and great price. Have not as yet used the boat with the new prop.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 29th, 2012
Faster out of the hole Increase of speed from 30 to 35 MPH Obtain higher speed at lower RPM
Other Reviews
More Solas Amita Propeller Reviews
Propeller reviewed on Feb 14th, 2021
Service was good, received ordered product promptly. Haven’t put on boat due to weather.
Propeller reviewed on Feb 13th, 2021
Blades are small than original, but very nice product.
Propeller reviewed on Feb 9th, 2021
So this might be a duplicate. I have used prop on 3 duck hunting trips and it seems to be working fine.
Propeller reviewed on Feb 3rd, 2021
Should work great
Propeller reviewed on Jan 17th, 2021
Great price for a basic 3-blade Aluminum prop.Hard to find pitch was available, in stock, delivered quickly. Looks great but waiting for warmer weather to install.
Propeller reviewed on Jan 3rd, 2021
My old prop spun on my johnson Seahorse 70, this one works great.
Propeller reviewed on Dec 26th, 2020
It fit on my motor like a glove. Ran as designed.
Propeller reviewed on Dec 19th, 2020
I like the Solas Amita prop. It works well and is easy to install. Performs well on my boat. Arrived in about 4 days. Transaction was easy and flawless. IBoats web site is easy way to find prop that fits boat motor.
Propeller reviewed on Dec 17th, 2020
I have owned and used several solas props. have two Solas Amita props that I use on 150 hp evinrude V6. 17 and 19 pitch by 15.5 diameter. Both props work well and fit great depending on the boat load and what I am doing I will use one or the other. Shipping was very fast. I have bought several items from iboats and have always been satisfied.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 18th, 2020
Fast shipping, great price
Propeller reviewed on Nov 18th, 2020
Propeller is as expected. My only disappointment was that I had to reuse the cotter pin. Would have nice If a new one was provided as well as the other parts such as spacer, nut etc.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 16th, 2020
Order placed on Friday 13th and delivery date is the 18th????
Propeller reviewed on Oct 31st, 2020
I’ve got a 16’x54” Jon boat gets on top fast like I need made it turn a lot better lost 1.5 mph on top end but It does good
Propeller reviewed on Oct 19th, 2020
good job
Propeller reviewed on Oct 16th, 2020
I bought this prop to replace 23 pitch three blade aluminum on a 22 foot Bayliner with 5.7L inboard. It made a huge difference in acceleration and I actually picked up about 8mph of top speed, which I was expecting to lose 2-3mph.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 15th, 2020
Very nice product fast shipping and reasonable prices. Highly recommended.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 14th, 2020
I learned the hard way about buying a prop online from iBOATS....their policy once the prop touches the water no return, no allowance, no swap is available. The prop did not perform even close to expectation, but I had no way of knowing that with out trying it. Let the buyer beware.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 10th, 2020
The website said it would fit my motor but when I went to install it, it was to short.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 7th, 2020
Perfect. It slipped right on and off we went. 👍👍
Propeller reviewed on Oct 7th, 2020
Worked perfect no issues got me back on the water
Propeller reviewed on Oct 4th, 2020
This prop replaced the stock Mercruiser 3 blade 21 pitch on my 2002 18 ft Caravelle stern drive open bow ski boat. This is like an unbelievable miracle prop- the boat jumps up on plane twice as fast and I gained 3-5 mph, it turns sharper and tracks straighter. I can't believe it, either. How can a simple prop switch make that much difference? I don't know, but it did. I will not go back to stock Mercruiser props, that's for sure. Iboats delivered in a couple days, at a decent price. I had to call iboats to be sure I didn't need anything extra, but they answered right away and told me I didn't. It was nice not to have to spend another $40 on a hub kit. Anyhow, I am a satisfied customer.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 2nd, 2020
Works for my application, seems to be good quality and shipping was fast. Should hold up under normal use. Would buy again.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 30th, 2020
Service was great. Propeller was as described. Looking forward to trying it out on the water soon.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 26th, 2020
Installation went smoothly. Part does exactly it was advertised to do.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 25th, 2020
This is a great prop, and was a super deal. With the four blades the holeshot is nice, and it has the pitch for the top end I was looking for. It takes some torque, but works great with my 454.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 24th, 2020
Fits great and works perfect so far.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 23rd, 2020
just what I ordered and very fast service. amazingly fast!
Propeller reviewed on Sep 23rd, 2020
Competitively priced, worked well replacing a 10.12" X 15" pitch prop on a 60 hp. 4 stroke mercury. Good out of the hole and Topped out at 5600-5800 rpm. Installed on a 16.5' Grumman Aluminum fish and ski open bow boat.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 11th, 2020
Replacement prop for my 16 year old Suzuki 70 4 stroke - easy install perfect fit, I chose the Solas over other options because it didn't require the expense or hassle of a separate hub kit so I can easily swap out with my back up prop. Run smoothly and finish is good. Service and delivery was prompt
Propeller reviewed on Sep 7th, 2020
I ordered prop realized wrong size look for cancel order button or anything to cancel my order and then reorder proper size......nothing you need to put a cancel button on your site this ridiculous. Ordered outside business hours so couldn’t call to cancel before order shipped. Frustrating!!

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