Solas Amita 2111-093-11P Aluminum Boat Propeller

Solas Amita Propellers
  • Price:$77.07
  • Compare:$90.29
  • You Save:$13.22
  • Discount:14.7% Off
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Propeller Specifications:

  • Part(s): #2111-093-11P
  • Manufacturer: Solas
  • Brand:Amita
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Diameter: 9 - 1/4
  • Pitch: 11
  • Blades: 3
  • Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
  • Average Amita Rating:
  • Usually Ships Within: 1 Business Day

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About Solas Boat Propellers

Amita Aluminum Boat Propellers

  • High quality aluminum propeller.
  • Universal blade design to fit wide variety of applications.
  • Designed for outstanding acceleration and top speed.
  • Tough heavy duty rubber bushing smoothes shifting and won’t slip.
  • Exclusive Solas squeeze casting process nearly eliminates porosity making our aluminum propellers stronger and tougher than traditional die cast propellers.
  • Solas aluminum propellers have 4 layers of paint applied using superior coatings and high-tech painting process to ensure excellent anti-corrosion performance.


Amita propellers offers the best performance in these types of boats:
  • Outboard powered inflatable
  • Aluminum
  • Ski
  • Bass
  • Flats
  • Walleye
  • Offshore single and dual engine
  • Commercial
  • Pleasure
  • Runabout
  • Pontoon boats
  • Stern driven family cruisers
  • Runabouts
  • House boats

Reviews for Solas Amita Propellers
80% (1434)
12% (218)
2% (44)
1% (23)
4% (72)
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Propeller reviewed on Apr 21st, 2017
Nice prop for the price, works very well.
Propeller reviewed on Apr 18th, 2017
Installation was simple. I used the backing spacer from the OEM three blade with my installation. BassTracker 16wt 60 hp Fourstroke half tank of fuel. On average two passengers about 400 lbs. Cool day 54 degrees with 6-8 mph wind. Perks Very happy with our purchase! Out of the pocket didn't hurt the bank. Out of the hole boat planed off super fast. Great job 10.5 in, pitch 13. I forget the spline count..
Propeller reviewed on Apr 17th, 2017
101% satisfied very prompt delivery time/ price very good/ product perfect fit and performance
Propeller reviewed on Apr 15th, 2017
I bought the same pitch and diameter prop that came stock on my boat boat motor 10-1/8 dia. by 13 pitch. I have this motor on a 16 foot Ranger Cherokee Aluminum boat with power trim. I gained 4 to 5 mph with this new prop 19 to 20 mph to 23 to 25 mph and my RPM went from 5000rpm to 5500rpm which is right where I wanted it to be. I can now get up on plane faster to. The prop looks of good quality with no visable porosity and is lighter than the original which increases hole shots. This is the only new prop I have tried so I am only comparing to the old prop. Comparing it to the old prop the design of this new prop is definitely better for the performance gained. I would buy this prop again and I would buy from I-Boats again they treat you very well.
Propeller reviewed on Apr 14th, 2017
I placed 2 orders within a week and they screwed both of them up!!!!!! The first one I ordered a prop for an annual fishing trip, their website did not mention that an additional kit was needed to actually use the prop, I received the prop and could not use! I PAID EXTRA TO HAVE THE PROP DELIVERED 2ND DAY, AND THEN HAD TO PAY THE SHIPPING BACK WHICH WAS 20% OF THE TOTAL COST AND IBOATS REFUSED TO REFUND THE RETURN SHIPPING CHARGES!!! This order, I was much more careful to ensure that what I ordered was what I needed, and again needed the prop for a fishing trip I take annually so I paid extra for overnight air, guess what ..... IT WAS NOT DELIVERED ON THE DATE THEY GUARANTEED IT ........ WILL NEVER BUY FROM iBOATS AGAIN, THERE ARE TOO MANY REPUTABLE OPTIONS TO PUT UP WITH HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE ...... AMAZON, AMAZON, AMAZON!!!!!
Propeller reviewed on Apr 14th, 2017
The 10in prop works better than the original 9in that came with my new outboard. I get more speed.
Propeller reviewed on Apr 8th, 2017
I keep a 26' Panga on the Gulf for Winter vacations. First day out of storage I blew up my Suzuki 140. Could not find a good used S140, but found a great deal on a Yamaha f115cr. Iboats sent me the right prop, right away. Very little down-time and vacation saved.
Propeller reviewed on Apr 8th, 2017
excellent quality.. great price.. well satisfied
Propeller reviewed on Mar 31st, 2017
It was just what I ordered. Thanks
Propeller reviewed on Mar 29th, 2017
I have not used it yet. It is still winter here. But it does fit on the motor and is what I ordered. Can't say much more. If you would like to add something. Do so!
Propeller reviewed on Mar 25th, 2017
The prop worked great and the price was right.
Propeller reviewed on Mar 25th, 2017
I needed some extra push power. Switched from a 3 blade to this 4 blade. It seems to have made a difference
Propeller reviewed on Mar 23rd, 2017
The customer service was great help in figuring out the right prop.
Propeller reviewed on Mar 21st, 2017
3 blade 10.5" X 11"pitch aluminum propeller, mounted on an 84 30hp evinrude 2 stroke. Great propeller, the boat jumps on plane now where as before it really struggled to get out of the hole. The motor WILL over rev at WOT but with a tiny tach installed that's not a problem, just throttle down a little once on plane. Trolling speed was really what I was after anyway and this prop delivered. At lowest idle with the old prop the slowest I could get was 2.5 mph, with this prop I'm happily down to 1.3! The finish seems fine, only had it in fresh water twice now and so far it still looks like new. Over all I'm very happy with the new prop!
Propeller reviewed on Mar 15th, 2017
The prop I ordered was not the right size but that was my fault. After talking to the service department they were real helpful and they got me fixed up.
Propeller reviewed on Mar 11th, 2017
received propeller in just a few days after order best price on internet
Propeller reviewed on Mar 11th, 2017
It was what I ordered. I even ordered another one.
Propeller reviewed on Feb 27th, 2017
18 pitch to 19 pitch!
Propeller reviewed on Feb 27th, 2017
I increased the prop pitch from 18 to 18 with the new prop on a 200hp 2 stroke Yahama on a 19' Grady White and the WOT rpms came down to the proper max (5400) and my speed went up a couple of mph from 48 to 50. Cruising at 30 mph now only needs to be running at 3300 rpm. Very smooth and powerful. Very happy with the results. Great prop!
Propeller reviewed on Jan 22nd, 2017
This product was packaged excellently. I haven't installed it on my boat yet (it's more of a spare) but it looks great and I'm assuming will work wonderfully.
Propeller reviewed on Jan 17th, 2017
Good Product at a competitive price
Propeller reviewed on Jan 7th, 2017
I can't say anything bad about the prop, the quality looks great. The problem is with the website itself, I've ordered 2 things for my boat from iboats, and received the wrong thing both times! Pretty much makes the convenience of ordering online totally worthless.
Propeller reviewed on Jan 4th, 2017
For the money I spent on these Two Sola Amita props is money well spent!! I really did my homework, and got the best pitch that would match my boat, expected weight, etc and I matched it up perfectly for my engines. I now can achieve good hole-shot pull, maintain a moderate-high speed and keep my RPMs in a effective range for my engines. Totally happy.
Propeller reviewed on Dec 5th, 2016
I accomplished what I needed, only drawback is I have to throttle back a little at full speed
Propeller reviewed on Nov 20th, 2016
The propeller seems to be of good quality. I won't be able to check its performance until I install it next Spring.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 5th, 2016
Propeller reviewed on Oct 31st, 2016
while others charge more between regular price and [real] sale prices its unbeatable
Propeller reviewed on Oct 24th, 2016
Prop fit right on and seems to be very good quality. This was actually a replacement to the first prop that I ordered, not sure how it happened but on the first order ended up with wrong prop, I might have mis-ordered the first time, anyway iboats processed the return , and I ordered the correct prop the second time. No issues with the product or service what so ever. Both props arrived very quickly. I am actually getting ready to order the SS version of the aluminum prop I have. Wanted to check RPM speed, plus now have a little higher pitch in case I need a spare.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 20th, 2016
Purchased the new Solas prop from iBoats. Came to me in 2 days! The prop is a higher pitch than what I had on my boat. Reduced the wide open rpm. This is good because my old prop kept allowing the engine to rev so high that the rev limiter came on. With old prop I could barely hit 25 mph, with new prop I easily hit 28 mph. Silas produces a great prop. Would recommend it to anyone.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 17th, 2016
Products exaclty as expected and shipping is really fast

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