Solas Amita 1513-145-17 Aluminum Boat Propeller

Solas Amita Propellers
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Propeller Specifications:

  • Part(s): #1513-145-17
  • Manufacturer: Solas
  • Brand:Amita
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Diameter: 14 - 1/2
  • Pitch: 17
  • Blades: 4
  • Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
  • Average Amita Rating:
  • Usually Ships Within: 1 Business Day

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About Solas Boat Propellers

Amita Aluminum Boat Propellers

  • High quality aluminum propeller.
  • Universal blade design to fit wide variety of applications.
  • Designed for outstanding acceleration and top speed.
  • Tough heavy duty rubber bushing smoothes shifting and won’t slip.
  • Exclusive Solas squeeze casting process nearly eliminates porosity making our aluminum propellers stronger and tougher than traditional die cast propellers.
  • Solas aluminum propellers have 4 layers of paint applied using superior coatings and high-tech painting process to ensure excellent anti-corrosion performance.


Amita propellers offers the best performance in these types of boats:
  • Outboard powered inflatable
  • Aluminum
  • Ski
  • Bass
  • Flats
  • Walleye
  • Offshore single and dual engine
  • Commercial
  • Pleasure
  • Runabout
  • Pontoon boats
  • Stern driven family cruisers
  • Runabouts
  • House boats

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Specific Reviews
Reviews for Solas Amita 4 Blade Aluminum 14.5" dia. X 17" pitch SR
Propeller reviewed on Aug 8th, 2017
Prop works great. Awesome holeshot and great top end.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 9th, 2017
Changed from a 14.5x19p 3 blade prop on my tiara 2700 with twin merc 260's due to not being able to run proper wot rpm's after converting to an offshore fishing boat and adding considerable weight. I was looking for better cruising speeds and better hold in rough seas. The 14.5x17p 4 blades deliver exactly what I was thinking they would. I picked up nearly 300 rpm's wot leading to an increase in top speed from 42 to 44 mph while allowing me toward the top end of my wot specs and the boat performs better across the board. Big difference in trim capability and ride stability due to the increased stern lift which is very prominent. Only thing I can say I'll miss over my 3 blades is dock handling because the props give more thrust forward than in reverse so to pivot I have to rev the reverse engine to keep up with the forward engine to truly pivot in place but I'm sure I'll get used to it in no time. I read reviews on the 4 blade vs 3 blade props for days prior to making the decision and my conclusion is I made the right choice, the advantages of 4 blades far outweigh and negatives for my application. I would have to say anyone not running a race boat would much prefer the 4 blade props many advantages over the 3 blades possible few mph advantage. The first time you take a really tight corner and stay on plane without cavitating you'll understand just how much grip these props have. I even tested running in rough chop with the trim tabs fully deployed and plowing water with them and the 4 blades power right through only dropping a few mph while allowing a comfortable ride in some rough water. So far I'm really impressed now let's just hope for the trifecta with some better fuel economy which I haven't measured yet and I'll go from satisfied to ecstatic.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 18th, 2016
So far so good. This was very easy to swap out. Slid right on without an problem. This is on a heavy 23ft deck boat and it now plans out much faster. Shipping time was as expected just a few days. I recommend always change out on dry land. Not in the water
Propeller reviewed on Jun 9th, 2016
product was packaged properly and arrived undamaged as a result--have 5.7 mercruiser in a 1997 Bayliner 2252--lowered rpm by 600 and increased my hole shot ,now travel at 25 mph @ around 2400 rpm--top speed 35 mph @ 3600 rpm--product performs excellently
Propeller reviewed on Jul 23rd, 2015
This prop works great on my boat. It hooks up good in the corners and comes out of the hole good. Nice finish on it.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 10th, 2015
Needed low end pulling power for our family's boat. Came stock with the 3 blade 19" pitch prop and bolted this on for immediate results. It did take some top end speed away, but seeing as how we always have a boat full of small kids, speed is never a priority. Great value
Propeller reviewed on Jul 1st, 2015
I'm running this prop on a 19ft deep hull blue fun and a 130hp mercruiser engine. It does well to get up on plain fast but is easy to overspin the prop when the boat is loaded down heavy.
Propeller reviewed on Apr 8th, 2015
prop works well, installed easy. thank you for the good service. Wally
Propeller reviewed on Sep 6th, 2014
Replaced a 3 blade aluminum prop with a 19in pitch with this 4 blade with a 17in pitch. Must faster out of the hole. Highly recommend. Did not lower top end much, and now motor runs at the suggested RPM (4400) at wide open thottle. New prop looks great, and its convenient that it has the hub built right in.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 28th, 2014
I bought the 14.5"x17" 4-blade for my 2007 Hurricane SD195 with a Mercruiser 4.3L v6 and AlphaOne outdrive to replace the prop that came on the boat from new. I was having an issue with the old prop, 14.5"x19" 3-blade, where the boat would not plane until about 32 MPH and I would loose plane if I dropped below 28 MPH. This posed a problem when I had the boat loaded with people, let alone when I was trying to pull one or two people on a tube behind it. After ordering the prop and receiving it, in perfect shape and very fast (Thanks I installed it and finally got on the water with it this past weekend. What a difference! It feels like a completely different boat now. I had 5 people and the dog in the boat and 2 people on the tube in the back and it handled excellent. I can now corner the boat hard and not slack the rope to the tube. The only thing that I have found is that I have to watch my RPMs as I am cruising at WOT because they will exceed the recommended. I may have been able to go with an 18" or 19" pitch but watching the RPMs is OK with me. I did loose about 5 MPH top end but I rarely run that fast and 5 MPH i not much for what I use the boat for. All in all I feel the prop was a great investment.
Propeller reviewed on Jun 16th, 2014
Great solid prop. I was surprised to find out that it comes will all the hardware needed to install. Great price!
Propeller reviewed on May 14th, 2014
Shipping was very fast. I bought this 4 blade 17 pitch prop to replace the 3 blade 19 pitch prop my boat had. I float a 1977 four winns marquise with a 3.0 mercruiser (there are pics of the boat somewhere on this site I believe). I bought this prop because I use my boat primarily to pull skiers or tubers. The 19p would do it, but it lacked bottom end power and hole shot speed. After installing the 17p 4 blade, I noticed a big difference in low end power and much better hole shot. It pulled skiers up much easier. I did lose about 5 mph top speed ( I was at 40mph, now I'm at 35mph). The boat feels more stabil in the corners. Less vibrations at low speeds. The boat will keep a plain at lower speeds too. This prop was exactly what I needed.
Propeller reviewed on May 2nd, 2014
The prop is just what I thought it was. Shipping was fast and if I need another prop, I will order one from here.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 23rd, 2013
This is by far the best prop I have ever had on my boat. I have tried several different pitches on both 3 and 4 blade props. This prop gave me the hole shot and top end speed I was looking for on my 96 Rinker Captiva 4.3. I highly recommend.
Propeller reviewed on Aug 6th, 2013
I bought this prop to replace my 3 blade aluminum 14" x 17 pitch after I spun the hub hitting a floating stick. The included spacer and lock washer didn't fit my '64 Mercruiser, but the prop works great. Excellent bottom and top end performance and handling. Best buy on a new prop I could find! Highly recommended.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 12th, 2013
I did about two weeks of research and visited every boat shop in town. My Wellcraft 182S 4.3 V6 just did not have the hole shot performance I was looking for. It came with a 19" SS 3 blade prop. I order this prop, it shipped and delivered on time and I installed it in 5 minutes. It completely changed how my boat performs. Hole shot is unbelievable. Lost about 5 mph on top end but what I gained for wakeboarding, tubing and skiing FAR out weighs any negative of top end. Be warned, you will gain RPMs and I could have easily exceeded them. Be smart, drive safe and aware and you will absolutely love this prop! Well worth the money and would highly recommend it.
Propeller reviewed on Jul 7th, 2013
I was running a 14.5 x 18 pitch prop (not sure of the make) that was damaged last year. I wanted a bit more hole shot so I decided to buy this prop knowing I would give up a bit more top end speed. This prop on my 22' bowrider is totally awesome. Not only did it give me better hole shot, it also gave me an increase of 2km/hr top speed. The prop blades are designed different then my old prop and sit back a bit further on the stern drive, thus you need to buy an offset anode. I didn't buy a new one but instead I used my grinder and made the anode a bit smaller allowing the blades to turn freely. I also noticed I could make much better, tighter turns at full speed without any cavitation. All in all an excellent prop for my boat. Dave Trenton, Ontario Canada
Propeller reviewed on Jun 26th, 2012
I run a 18.5' tri-hull with a merc 2.5 120 and an alpha 1. The prop I had previous to my Solas was a 21 pitch 3 blade... What a huge difference in handling and planing performance with the New Solas 4 blade! The cornering characteristics of the boat are amazing! The very first time I throttled it up I had 4 adults and two teenagers on the boat... it was a great hole shot and the speed at which we planed was fantastic. I did lose about 5-7 mph top end, but my motor loves the RPM that this prop lets it operate at and I get about 3MPG better. Pulling tubes and cutting s-turns with a fully loaded boat it no problem now. The only issue I had with the prop is that on my Alpha One I had to change the anode to a smaller offset one. I use this boat in fresh water and out in the monterey bay, the prop is flawless! Highly recommended!
Propeller reviewed on Jun 22nd, 2012
Bought the prop on sale for $99. Came with the spacer and 2 tab washers. Prop is really nicely made. Very even and consistent construction. Prop gets my Bayliner 175xt on plane instantly. Can pull a wakeboarder with 6 people in the boat and the boarder still pops out of the water instantly. Very smooth at mid and high rpms. Awesome prop for an awesome price.
Propeller reviewed on May 11th, 2012
Great product at the right price. We have purchased Solas aluminum props before and they have exceeded our expectations. These props are built well and tough.
Propeller reviewed on Jan 13th, 2012
I needed more torque for skiing and tubing. This prop made a big difference. I had a 3-blade 19° pitch and went to a 4-blade 17°. This kept me in my WOT range. The first i pulled my son using this prop i pulled the ski rope out of his hands. only lost a couple of MPH's with the prop change.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 13th, 2011
Good product, good price, I needed a lower pitch prop for those days when I have a boat full of people and still want to pull skiers. This prop did the job nicely!
Propeller reviewed on Jul 22nd, 2010
This is a very nice prop for the money. Its a great alternative to the SS 4 blade and ALOT cheaper. I went from a 13.75" X 21 3 blade to this prop and its a different boat. GREAT holeshot and great for pulling tubers. My boat is a 20' VIP Valiant with a Mercruiser 5.7L Alpha one 260HP.
Other Reviews
More Solas Amita Propeller Reviews
Propeller reviewed on Nov 10th, 2017
perfect fit
Propeller reviewed on Nov 8th, 2017
Installed on my 2015 Evinrude E-TEC 90HP Pontoon Series outboard with my 22 FT Crest II LM pontoon boat. This prop attained a wide open throttle speed of 5500 RPM, which is the exact recommended RPM according to the manufacturer. Very satisfied. Thanks.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 8th, 2017
If I take someone with me I change to my 11in. pitch for better performance.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 8th, 2017
When I installed this prop on my 2015 Evinrude E-TEC 90HP Pontoon series outboard with a 22FT Crest II LM pontoon boat, I was replacing an Evinrude Hydrus 13 pitch prop that was made for pontoon boats. Unfortunately Hydrus props only come in three choices of pitch, 9, 11, and 13. The set-up I had ran 6200 RPM at wide open throttle. Recommended range is 5500 maximum. Even though I was using the best recommended package by Evinrude for my pontoon boat, I was ending up with a need for more pitch. Using the online charts which call for a decrease of 400 RPM for each 2" increase in pitch, I tried this 17 pitch prop. The result was a wide open throttle RPM of 5000-a drop of 600 RPM per 2" of pitch. My solution was to use this 17 pitch as my spare and to buy another Solas prop with a 15 pitch that ran at exactly 5500 RPM. Bottom line is that Solas props are excellent and both props increased my top speed from 21 MPH with my Hydrus to 26 MPH with either Solas. Happy with the 17'' and delighted with the 15". I highly recommend these props.
Propeller reviewed on Nov 7th, 2017
Ordered and received very fast! Very happy with the prop!
Propeller reviewed on Nov 4th, 2017
Solid propeller that does what it should. Best price I could find with two day shipping and it shipped fast. Installed on a 15hp Johnson and haven’t had any issues.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 31st, 2017
trolled 2 hours in same river
Propeller reviewed on Oct 31st, 2017
a river trip uncharted by us NO DINGS GOOD SPEED
Propeller reviewed on Oct 30th, 2017
This product was well describe in add and was shipped quickly and arrived before scheduled date I would buy other items from them
Propeller reviewed on Oct 29th, 2017
I did not receive the prop. After finding out the prop was backordered I requested my order cancelled without response. No refund has been credited to my card.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 27th, 2017
The difference this prop made on my boat was like night to day. Planes faster with less throttle smoother ride and better fuel economy. prop used on Carolina skiff 198dlv w/90 4stroke Yamaha outboard.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 25th, 2017
Had to get a new prop due to contact with hard bottom. This new prop" sings" at low rpms. I talked to I Boats customer service and they had me call Solas. Solas said it is a harmonic distortion and is harmless to my motor. I do not like the noise and wish you would provide me with an exchange.Never had any issues with the first prop.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 24th, 2017
it worked very good, I am happy with it. kenny
Propeller reviewed on Oct 20th, 2017
Paid for overnight shipping and they delivered just as I expected fast and with a great price
Propeller reviewed on Oct 18th, 2017
Pitch was too much for my motor but the product is very nice, nice finish, nice prop, need 17 pitch on 115h merc on 18 ft aluminum starcraft if that helps anyone out.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 18th, 2017
Everything worked perfect, the lock nut and keeper washer seem like a good way to make sure your prop stays where it is supposed to.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 11th, 2017
While the marinas around my area wanted over $250 for the SAME prop for my 1984 70hp Evinrude, I was glad to find this one. Prop was a perfect fit and professionally packaged. Before I buy anything else for my boat I will check iboats first. Can’t beat the value and customer service.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 10th, 2017
The prop was the perfect fit for my motor. My boat ran like a gem. Thanks for getting it to me as promised.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 9th, 2017
I go through probably a propeller a month during the warmer months fishing the Chattahoochee river. I buy this prop over and over again. Seems to be one of the best props in its price range.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 8th, 2017
I am very pleased with my order. It was delivered in a timely manner and it was what I expected and needed.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 7th, 2017
Looks to be a pretty good prop. Replacing a 13 pitch but will have to wait until spring to try out. Easy to install using original motor spacers
Propeller reviewed on Oct 7th, 2017
Ordered this prop about three weeks ago and still haven't received it. Starting to get worried about this!! Especially since they said it would be less than a week to get.
Propeller reviewed on Oct 3rd, 2017
fine prop
Propeller reviewed on Sep 29th, 2017
Runs great and stays under 6000rpm at full throtle
Propeller reviewed on Sep 28th, 2017
After reviewing the Solas line of props I purchased one and I'm very pleased with it. Good performance better quality than the OEM one ! Thank You
Propeller reviewed on Sep 28th, 2017
Great price for excellent prop
Propeller reviewed on Sep 25th, 2017
put it on my 20hp kicker motor for 25 ft cabin boat . it really turned motor into a keeper
Propeller reviewed on Sep 19th, 2017
Well made.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 18th, 2017
Fit perfectly.
Propeller reviewed on Sep 18th, 2017
Came in early and works great. Thanks

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