Stiletto Advantage Q + Guardian Hub #801319 Stainless Steel Boat Propeller
Mercury 90 HP Outboard 1978 & Newer 2-Stroke

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Prop Nut Kit
Prop Nut
Thrust Washer
Prop Wrench
Prop Nut Kit #18-3701

Kit Contains: (2) 18-3200 Tab Washers, (1) 18-3700 Prop Nut
Only $9.99 You Save 14%
Prop Nut #18-3700

Locking prop nuts are usually used with tab washers and are the last piece to install a propeller.
Only $9.99 You Save 16%
Washer #18-3200

Package of 10

Tab washers are installed on the prop shaft just before the prop nut.
Only $18.99 You Save 23%
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A spacer designed to work with this Advantage Q with Guardian Hub propeller & your Mercury outboard motor.
Included with your order!
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Thrust Washer

A thrust washer designed to work with this Advantage Q with Guardian Hub propeller & your Mercury outboard motor.
Included with your order!
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Prop Wrench #PMW-1-DP

Easily remove and install your new prop with this 1-1/16 propeller wrench. Rugged nylon wrench.
Only $9.34 You Save 24%
Price: $346.98
You Save: $81.97
Compare: $428.95
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Propeller Specifications:
SKU: Prop #801319Hub #DE-501
Manufacturer: Stiletto
Brand: Advantage Q + Guardian Hub
Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 13 - 1/8”
Pitch: 19”
Blades: 3
Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
Average Advantage Q + Guardian Hub Rating:
Usually Ships Within:   1 Business Day
Prop Hardware:   All required propeller hardware may not be available. Consult engine manual for hardware requirements.
About Stiletto Boat Propellers

Advantage Q + Guardian Hub Stainless Steel Boat Propellers

  • Excellent hole shot, strong mid-range acceleration, and top speed describe the Stiletto ADVANTAGE Q Stainless Steel Boat Propeller Series. This series gives you the advantage when skiing, carrying loads and in adverse water conditions. This is the choice for all around performance; its your ADVANTAGE. Stiletto props are made in the USA.
  • The ADVANTAGE Q series is specially designed for 4-Stroke, 40-150 horsepower engines with 4.25" diameter gear case housings.
  • ADVANTAGE Q utilizes the Stiletto Guardian Hub system.

SUPERIOR BLADE DESIGN - Stiletto Propellers are truly the stainless edge. All Stiletto Propellers are of a progressive pitch design. Cupped blades help reduce the chance of cavitation, therefore, increasing the efficiency and performance of your engine.

TOTAL PERFORMANCE - Stiletto Propellers are designed to help each boat and engine combination achieve its peak performance at all throttle levels: low end, mid-range, and top end. Stiletto Propellers are designed to outperform the mass produced aluminum and stainless steel stock/utility propellers. Stiletto props are made in the USA.

RELIABILITY - Stiletto Propellers are one-piece investment cast for exceptional strength and safety. This manufacturing process provides superior consistency in blade shape and accuracy in pitch. Some so-called performance propellers are produced using welded-on blades, which are not as structurally sound nor are they as reliable as a one-piece casting.

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