Mercruiser Models 225S, 233, 255TRS Boat Propellers Sterndrive 200 - 320 HP

Mercruiser 200 - 320 HP All Years Sterndrive Propellers

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  • Manufacturer: Mercruiser
  • Horsepower: 200 - 320 HP
  • Years: All Years
  • Model: Models 225S, 233, 255TRS Sterndrive
  • Specs: Thru Hub Exhaust & 15 Tooth Spline, 4-¾ Gearcase
  • Max RPM: Not Available
Where to Find Your Prop Pitch

Choose a Propeller Pitch

Important! Choose the correct pitch for your application. Used props are non-returnable.

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Where to Find Your Prop Pitch

Pitch stamped on inner Hub ...or
around the inner hub.
Pitch stamped on outer Hub Pitch is stamped on the outer prop hub...

Look on the outer hub of the prop near the blades or inside the hub.

Most props are stamped with a series of numbers.

Pitch is always the last number listed.

Example: 3 x 16 x 24.5R

3 - Number of Blades (occasionally displayed)

16 - Diameter

24.5 - Pitch

R - Direction of Rotation (R = Right/Standard, L = Left/Counter)

Prop Pitch & RPM's

For safety, and efficient performance, it is critical that your engine operates within the RPM range recommended by the manufacturer.

A change in the prop pitch will increase or decrease the engine RPM's and can be used to bring them into the recommended range. A 2" pitch increase (for example, from 21" to 23") will result in approximately a 300-400 RPM decrease and vice versa.

The correct prop allows the engine's RPM to run within the top end of the manufacturers recommendation.

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