Solas Amita #2411-130-19 Aluminum Boat Propeller
Johnson 55 HP Outboard 1968 - 1969 3-Cyl., Pleasure

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Prop Nut Kit
Cotter Pin
Prop Nut
Thrust Washer
Prop Wrench
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Prop Nut Kit #17024501

Kit Contains: (1) Thrust Washer ODTW, (1) Spacer OCSP, (1) Nut OCNT, (4) Cotter Pin EPIN
Only $38.87 You Save 20%
Cotter Pin #EPIN

Package of 4, 2 Long

Cotter pins are required for almost all propellers to help hold the prop castle nut in place.
Only $2.42 You Save 21%
Prop Nut #OCNT

Castle prop nuts are used with cotter pins as the last piece to install a propeller.
Only $5.78 You Save 18%
Spacer #OCSP

Propeller spacers usually go between the prop and the washer or nut.
Only $5.45 You Save 20%
Thrust Washer #ODTW

The correct thrust washer must be used with all propellers. It is installed between the prop and lower unit.
Only $29.53 You Save 20%
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Prop Wrench #PMW-1-DP

Easily remove and install your new prop with this 1-1/16 propeller wrench. Rugged nylon wrench.
Only $9.34 You Save 24%
Price: $106.95
You Save: $47.54
Compare: $154.49
Discount: 30.8% Off

Propeller Specifications:
SKU: #2411-130-19
Manufacturer: Solas
Brand: Amita
Material: Aluminum
Diameter: 13”
Pitch: 19”
Blades: 3
Rotation: Standard (Clockwise)
Average Amita Rating:
Usually Ships Within:   1 Business Day
Prop Hardware:   All required propeller hardware may not be available. Consult engine manual for hardware requirements.
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About Solas Boat Propellers

Amita Aluminum Boat Propellers

  • High quality aluminum propeller.
  • Universal blade design to fit wide variety of applications.
  • Wide blade design works well with 4-stroke engines.
  • Designed for outstanding acceleration and top speed.
  • Tough heavy duty rubber bushing smoothes shifting and won’t slip.
  • Exclusive Solas squeeze casting process nearly eliminates porosity making our aluminum propellers stronger and tougher than traditional die cast propellers.
  • Solas aluminum propellers have 4 layers of paint applied using superior coatings and high-tech painting process to ensure excellent anti-corrosion performance.


Amita propellers offers the best performance in these types of boats:
  • Outboard powered inflatable
  • Aluminum
  • Ski
  • Bass
  • Flats
  • Walleye
  • Offshore single and dual engine
  • Commercial
  • Pleasure
  • Runabout
  • Pontoon boats
  • Stern driven family cruisers
  • Runabouts
  • House boats
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