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Trusted brands: Quicksilver, Michigan Wheel, Turning Point, Solas & Stiletto.

Prop Exhaust Types Prop Splines

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Prop Exhaust Types

Thru-hub Exhaust

Most outboard & stern drive engines vent exhaust thru the prop hub.

You have a thru-hub exhaust if there are exhaust holes on the engine gearcase around the prop shaft.
Thru-hub has holes around the prop hub.

Non Thru-hub Exhaust

Non thru-hub exhaust systems are found mostly on low horsepower motors.

You have a non thru-hub exhaust if there are NO exhaust holes on the engine gearcase around the prop shaft.
Non thru-hub is solid around the prop hub.
Prop Splines

Prop splines are the little teeth you see on your prop shaft and inside the prop hub.

The number of splines on the shaft and inside the prop must match for the prop to fit your boat.

A Pin Drive prop application has no splines. The prop is secured to a smooth prop shaft with a pin through the shaft.

Count the teeth on your prop shaft to determine spline count.
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